Monday, July 30, 2012

Mother Russia In Prelims

Did her floor routine live up to your expectations?

If Team USA performs like the men's team, Mother Russia is going to be there to challenge them along the way. Granted, Grishina needs to quit being a Courtney McCool about the entire experience.



Uneven Bars

Balance Beam


  1. Whoever selected the floor music this year needs to be FIRED.

  2. Did Komova get all the connections for the front aerial - back tuck - sheep combo on beam? Because then the Jordyn conspiracy theorists *might* have a case. I doubt she did though.

    1. She was credited with a 6.4 D-score vs. the 6.3 D-score she actually should have earned. It was only a tenth, but it was more merciful than what Wieber got. I have no idea where they thought she got that other tenth. Aside from the dismount, her only other CV should have been the front aerial to back tuck. Her e-score was also generous along with Douglas's and Ponor's. Ponor's scores in now way reflected the realities of the poor meet she had (based on her standards).

      Honestly, I am gutted for Wieber, but her beam construction was absurd and she gave just a little too much on every event. She got screwed a bit on floor, earning almost the same score as Ponor who bailed into a tuck full for her 3rd pass.

      At any rate, a TF gold is the big prize for the US athletes. The mag 7 are far more revered than either of our past 2 Olympic AA champions. Wieber will be an even bigger star if she can put her disappointment behind her and kick ass tomorrow.

  3. Afan's music choice edit could have been better. Kill Bill sirens OMG love it! It's a hot routine! Gymnastics needs something like Afan in this decade. Ponor needs to learn how to dance like Afan. Ponor tries way too hard.

    Afan rocked that beam. I'm sorry but to all the haters who doubted her, in your face.

  4. Gold medal. Period. I LOVE routines that draw you in and actually tell a story. Combine that with incredible dance and spot-on stuck landings and she is the total package. What a shame what the US girls showed up with.

  5. Sorry Maria Paseka. I doubted you! That amanar was fugly but you may just win a vault medal and help the motherland win gold.

  6. To quote Kyle Shewfelt commentating for CTV (Canada) "This routine is fierce and exquisite!"

  7. Ahhhh!!!!!!! Every time I replay Afan on floor I love it more and more!!! :D

  8. In 2011 I liked Afan's choreo, but Sui Lu's was just too gorgeous for me to care about it. Yeah Afan was a good dancer, nice choreo but eh..

    AFANS NEW ROUTINE IS FUCKING FABULOUS. Whoever choreographed it is probably going to resign because (well, post 2000) floor choreo has just reached its peak, I don't know how someone can live up to that again.