Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BBC: Faster Higher Stronger Documentary

A fantastic program.  The Caslavska parts are fascinating, even for those who know how much her display at the 1968 impacted her life.

Another great debate: Was Korbut always out of sorts, or is she out of sorts because they all hated her?  Did the alleged abuse by her coach cause it?

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  1. This documentary is fantastic for showing the early history of the sport but I think could have been at least an hour or two longer to cover the 80 and 90's and early 2000's.

    1. The other programs in the series so far (100m, middle distance running) have focused on technical developments & the key figures in turning the sport from amatuer levels into the disciplines we see today; it's not intended to give a complete history of every notable gymnast who competed at the Olympics. I thought they did a really good job showing how the artistic and technical sides developed & I especially liked Nadia's comments on how the standard for perfection keeps changing.

  2. It was part of a series, the others focusing on athletics and swimming. I can't see BBC devoting two whole hours to a sport that is still in its infancy compared to the support it gets in the USA..BUT yes I would have loved if it was twice as long. Much much better than seeing grainy footage- and interviews with pretty much everyone involved, fantastic. Caslavska was particularly fascinating alright, I knew of it but to see the footage like that and the backstory, incredible. It did kind of suck that it skipped over several decades but they were mainly focused on history-makers, not just greats or favourites, and there was the time constraint too.

  3. does anyone know the name of the song which begin at 07:07 for Part 4.