Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This and That

Mirai Nagasu's new short program.  It is jazzy and fun, but her jumps are still looking questionable after all these years.  The choreography is still a bit younger than Mirai's actual age.

He Kexin got the final spot on the Chinese Women's Team.  We will all be holding our breath to see if she can make it through her complex bar routine without ending it with two black eyes from crashing her face into her knees on the dismount.

The Aly Raisman Documentary  (Part 1 of 3 that will be aired.)

Johnny Weir and Tara Modlin on Say Yes to the Dress  (It would be helpful if they had someone with them to adopt a less is more attitude.)

Feature on Zhiganshina and Gazsi

Anna Li's Olympic Sendoff

Jaycie Phelps still uses gold

Carolina Zhang at the Hidden Valley Open.  Carolina, you're a musician (or were.)  Do something more original than Nessun Dorma.  It isn't as thought you're likely to be invite to kiss Shizuka's ass in ice shows in Japan.

Vanessa Lam's long program from the Hidden Valley Open


  1. I love Vanessa Lam's LP!!! I just wish her jumps were higher.

  2. Don't like Mirai's short music. I hate most jazzy numbers mostly because the skaters can't so it justice.

  3. Somehow, Mirai's body language suggests to me that she's enjoying herself on the ice -- that alone would be a nice change.

  4. Vanessa's program was cute and then overstayed its welcome. And her skirt (if we can call it that) is really way too short!