Friday, July 13, 2012

Favorite Things: Old Time Goodies

The lovely Karin Janz.

The amazing Kurt Thomas

Minnie and Mo

Lovely Lovely Janet Lynn

It is amazing to imagine what Nelli Kim would've been capable of using the modern equipment and training methods.


The incomparable Elvira Saadi.

The first American woman to win a world medal.

Top five favorite floor routine ever.

Kick Ass Li Ning

The brilliant Elena Mukhina

The controlled Tenley Albright

The definition of grace and elegance.


  1. For all of Peggy's bitching about Michelle's leg placement on hr layback, she wasn't some kind of wizard with that free leg either... though I do like her camel.

  2. I like her camel toe!

  3. It's crazy to me how much bar routines have changed in the past couple decades.

  4. Fluid, controlled yet balletic, with wonderful
    air time--and stuck landings. The John Curry of
    gymnastics (and a contemporary--maybe something
    was in the air in the 70s). Amazing, indeed.