Monday, July 16, 2012

This and That

First Look: Oprah Salutes Superstar Olympians
Tune in Sunday, July 22, at 8/7c to see Oprah sit down with 10 legends of the Olympic Games, including track-and-field stars Carl Lewis, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Al Joyner; gymnasts Bart Conner, Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton and Shawn Johnson; diver Greg Louganis; and swimmers Janet Evans and Mark Spitz.

The ultimate collision of mediawhores: Next Oprah!

Cappellini and Lanotte will be training with Igor Shpilband to improve their technical skills and elements.  I live for European and Japanese skaters spending all their time with Russian coaches in America while still claiming their initial coach whom they rarely ever speak to is still their primary coach.  It is always beneficial for political reasons and a solid back-up plan should they get in a disagreement with their Russian coach after he has had a bit too much Stolichnaya while scamming on one of his students out at the bar.  Igor and Marina were a power duo with equal coaching talents and political pull.  Now we will find out who the more resilient Russian is as they build up warring stables.

Kurt Browning Interview  Part 1  Part 2  (Does anyone else share a nonsexual crush on him?)

Jonathan Horton is anxious to get to London.  Kudos to Alexa Ainsworth for having a bit of personality by asking him about the annoying retweeting done by all of Team USA. J-Ho gives an update on Sam Mikulak. Maybe Alexa can date one of the alternates by the time London is over?

Video Feature on Jordyn Wieber

Legends of the Mediawhores

Token piece on the Karolyi Ranch

Who the Olympians are rooting for.  Whose writing skills do you live for more: Dominique Moceanu or Shannon Miller?  Dominique, a great of community college, was very glad to learn about the appositive in Freshman English, a required course at John Carroll University, and feels very confident in her writing.  Shannon, this Miss America of gymnastics, views talking to the media as a new opportunity to show off her freshly-whitened teeth.

Nastia Liukin hits up the media circuit to promote the tour.  I want a photo of Nastia and Kate Middleton together in London while they're still the same waist size.


  1. shawn johnson a legend of the olympic games? oprah please

    1. It is beacuse the publicity. Shannon Miller may be the most decorated gymnast in US gymnastics history. But generally Americans remember Marylou and Shawn more than any other gymnasts.

  2. I wonder how many times Shawn said it was an honor to be on Oprah's show?

  3. Cute article on Anna Li in Chinese state media (for those of you who read Chinese)

  4. Heh...same size "waste"... Yuck!

  5. Yes, have crushed on Kurt for years. It will be a sad day when he stops performing. I hope he's still on the ice at 80.

  6. Nastia is still training for the tour right? We're not going to get some less than half assed routines out of her.

    One could say she has the potential to steal the show anyway. Everyone else will be burned out from their Olympic experience and the typical Karolyi overtraining that goes along with it.