Saturday, July 21, 2012

Watch Out For For Flying _ucks: Texts From Liberty

This year, I was unable to attend Liberty due to a prior commitment.  It is always great fun to attend Liberty, as it is a place to witness hot messes and glorious debuts of up-and-coming skaters or contenders testing out new programs.  I am majorly bummed not to be in Aston, Pennsylvania, but Drunksana and Pat Lipinski have been there scoping out the competitions and texting me beautiful updates of the men, ladies, pairs, drag queens and feminine boys.

Given her injury track record, Liberty is the only event one can count on seeing the beautiful Samantha Cesario.  Armed with beauty, grace, a wonderful shopping hat, sense of flair and artistry, one is always drawn to overlook Sam's flutz.  Sam is fabulous enough to have been a Fassi girl along with Jill Trenary and Caryn Kadavy.  I live for her skating.


"Watching practices here at Liberty.  Quad Salchow from Max Aaron.  Triple Lutz from Wes looking sexy as hell in a blue wife beater and tights.  Yum.  Quad toe from Max Aaron too."-Drunksana

"No we have even hotter mess Brandon Mroz on the ice.  In a baseball cap."-Drunksana
"Brandon Morose looks and skates homeless."-Pat Lipinski

"Canadian Ladies are slaving away at their triple toes.  Brandon and the Canadian ladies are having a duel for best single loop."

"Kemp and King make my eyes bleed."
"Messy under rotated 3toes! An upgrade!"-Pat Lipinski on Britain's finest.

"I want you to name your drag alter ego Kloe Chanel Bautista."-Pat Lipinski
"Who is THAT?"-Aunt Joyce
"_______________(large and in charge) Filipino skater on ice.  She is fierce."-PL

(More to come)


  1. I feel bad for Brandon Morose: he needs to give Brian Orser a call or better yet, ask him to be his coach in writing, preferably not on letterhead or scribble-scrabble.

  2. I love the title. I love the words on the plexiglass, made me laugh.