Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best Team Ever

My soul dances like this.  My old haggard body does not.

The 1984 Olomouc Champion!

Is it possible to be 70 pounds and large and in charge?  Maybe compared to her twelve-year-old teammates?  I wouldn't mess with Natalia.

Who gives a shit about tumbling when you can dance like this?!  Screw the code and bring back all the points for overall impression.

The Dominique Moceanu of the team.

The forgotten one.


  1. This is way more enjoyable to watch. I love the grace, and ballet movements.

  2. shishova was very underrated! thanks aj.

  3. This was lovely to watch. This is what fx should be.

  4. OMFG, I'm so tired of hearing how great old gymnastics was. Half the time the dance wasn't that great. You see bad tumbling form on much easier passes!!!! I'm just like today's 8 & 9 year olds would wipe the floor with most of those b**ches! If you like grace & elegants so much watch RYTHMIC gymnastics!!!!!!! But I bet you won't because you really don't mean it. Lol
    It's not like there aren't amazing girls who do both. Sarah Finnegan, Komova, Victoria Moors, & Katelyn Ohashi. Along with so many others. Especially on the junior level.

    1. There is always one vapid fat American who always feels the need to comment. American schools really like to teach that everyone's opinion is important. If only it were true.

  5. My old body dances like Mohini Bhardwaj. I wish it weren't so.

  6. I don't know, I think that when we hold these girls so high above today's athletes, perhaps we should take into account the horrible conditions required to make them so good. Do you really want to go back to the old Soviet system?