Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chinese Open Training

The Chinese team trained before the media in Northern Ireland earlier today.  Viva las chinas!  What I love most is that Deng Linlin has not aged a day since Beijing.  We'll always have that butt wiggle!

The Ring Men

Huang Qiushuang

Sui Lu

Tan Sixin

Jiang Yuyuan


  1. Deng Linlin is adorable! I want her to continue in the next quad. I wonder how she will look like in Rio 2016, hehe. Every time when I think of Deng I think of the adorable Ratatouille floor routine she did in Beijing. I had a friend in University who was Chinese and she was 31. She was so short and stocky. She reminded me of Deng.

  2. Deng linlin does look the same, apparently the so-called "missing tooth" was just crooked tooth. She looks like an elf and will probably never age. Let's hope she can make Olys 2016 too!

  3. Does anyone else thing Tan Sixin's legs look weird? She has skinny, tiny thighs, then big calves and feet. Like the two halves of her legs are from two different people!

  4. Pass the Lupron!

  5. Four years have passed and Deng Linlin is still underaged.

    1. Four years have passed and your still not over the age scandal. Everyone knows the age rule is not working and is stupid. Even the American coaches admit the age limit, limits the best gymnasts from competing.How do you know for sure that she's underage? She wasn't even one of the suspected one from the media. The only ones they suspected were He kexin, Yang Yilan and jiang Yuyuan. You can't just go up to a 16 year old and say hey I think you're fucking 10! It's like me saying you're a fucking bitter rascist fat American, because you know what even if they weren't underage a lot of people hate the Chinese gymnasts when they win. If they had a gymnast who was really 20 and won the Olympic AA racists people will let you know that they hated her. American gymnasts sucked in 2008 anyway, deal with it whiners.

    2. @Anonymous You still bitter because Liukin beat your China Dolls for AA gold, and won FIVE Olympic medals total while Cheng Fei was gifted a bronze that ASac was robbed of on vault then FELL ON HER ASS in FX finals and not medalling at all while shaming herself before all of China? And your panties are still in a twist because Shawn nabbed gold on beam?? Team Gold is great. AA Gold is BETTER. BITCH PLEASE! Get over it whiner! You sore losers are pathetic. :b