Friday, July 20, 2012

Favorite Things Friday!

I will always be sad we didn't get to see her compete in Beijing.

I don't believe I've ever seen a better beam worker.

I need some voidy Voir in my life today.

Every off season, I long for Aliona's ferocity.

We will miss Fei Fei this time around.

The queen of amplitude!

Pure adoration.

I live for the passion of Yagudin not going down without a fight.

I love Sui Lu and am thrilled for her success this quad, but I was obsessed with her before Beijing.

Margaret Thatcher's daughter never fails to win us over with her playful charm.

I believe that at least 3,000 of the views for this video have come from me.

Voidy heaven.

I LIVE and DIEEE for their Original Dances!


  1. Is there anyone now competing beam up on their toes like Sha and Bo? I hate flat-footed beam routines.

  2. I love Cheng Fei's floor routine. It proves that it is indeed possible to have both difficult tumbling and great choreography