Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Postcards From Penza

It is great that Alexandrov wasn't subtle about who the locks were.

Photos from Russia's final test event before the XXX Summer Olympic Games.

Chalking up for the marquee event. The camera is making Grishina look 'mature'.

A reason to keep us up at night.

If only the entire routine looked like this.

Davai, Davai,

Deep Breaths.

How to do a wolf jump.

The realization that Komova is beating her.

Projecting to the crowd.

Why aren't Armine poses E skills?

I did this in yoga.


If I could give my leg so she could borrow my leg...

Putting a spell on Vika.

Being ano-thin is exhausting.


Being a diva is exhausting.

I don't care enough to extend my left leg if no one is watching.

I still have it.

Seeing Paseka hit an Amanar and thinking of AA dreams.

Little People, Big Heads.

Up, Up, Up!!!

Looking down out of shame!

Drag Race.


  1. These pictures are great, thanks for posting!

  2. LMAO Nabieva, "Looking down out of shame!" I now wish that Raisman could disappear too.

  3. Awesome captions! Thanks!