Thursday, July 12, 2012

Marcelo Gomes: Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer

James Pellerito and David Barba, the directors and producers of Pop Star on Ice and Be Good Johnny Weir are currently in the process of filming a documentary on Mareclo Gomes and aim the capture the experience of a male ballet dancer in his prime as he prepares the end of his performing career and embarks on a venture in choreography.  Gomes is a principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre who has been partnered with the venerable Diana Vishneva.  James and David are looking for funding to complete the documentary by the end of the year.

Update on Be Good Johnny Weir Season 2 (from James via email) : It has already been delivered to the network.  It is slated to air in the fall, but an exact air date has yet to be confirmed.

If it is already in the can, it does not look like Season 2 will cover Johnny's comeback.


  1. Whaat?! He is still performing at his peak. While I'd love to see his choreography I would HATE to see him stop dancing anytime soon.

  2. But then hopefully we'll get a third season to follow his comeback!

  3. Nooo... ABT needs his wonderful mix of classicism and charismatic acting. (Ivan Vasiliev, packaged deal with Osipova, might be exciting, but he is still lacking in substance. And he's sloppy.) We already have to shoulder through Angel Corella and Ethan Stiefel's retirements *sob*. Dance a little longer, Marcelo and Herman (Cornejo)...

    1. He is still dancing. They are just saying that he is readying himself for a life after dance while still in his prime.