Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Postcards From London

Eyes on Grishina's brows.

Martha Karolyi believes in locking up Team USA with a few minutes of exercise allotted each day for training and drinking toilet water.  It is amazing how much different the coaches of the rivals to America are treating their Olympic experience.  Frankly, aside from McKayla Maroney, the American girls don't appear to require nearly the supervision of some of the Russian girls 'who look like child mafia and are up to no good,' according to Uschi Keszler.  Would you trust these girls running around the village?  The certainly to appear to be having the time of their lives raising hell in and out of the training hall.  Harasho.

Vika loves the stupid artistic architecture.

The dangers of universal healthcare.

It is exhausting being this fabulous.

We make more interesting poses than McKayla Maroney.

The pecking order until Aliya gets her damn vault back.

Don't mess with tired divas.

Out meeting boys in the village.

Aliya cannot be expected to move her bags herself.

This training hall sauna makes Round Lake look glamorous.  I want to tear my knee again and return to Germany where there is air conditioning.  If only I could have a son who needs surgery like Chusovitina.

If I wasn't competing against Gabby Douglas, I'd grease the beam.  

That's what you're bringing to the Olympics bitches?  Riiiight

If I was capable of menstruating, he'd impregnate me the night of All Around finals.

I will love you until Team Finals are over.

The view.

We own these Olympic Games.

Have you seen the size of Jordyn Wieber and Aly Raisman?!  Bitcheszzzzz


  1. hahaha your captions are hysterical as usual, well done.

    the thing I love most about these photos is how relaxed and happy the girls look. after all of the crying at round lake, it's great to see them out being silly. davai davai davai ladies!

  2. "I will love you until Team Finals are over" Ahahaha, my thought exactly !

  3. Any pictures of the Americans? Rumor has it those girls don't get along. The sudden rise in popularity of gabby is making the others jealous?

  4. LOL. Always stirring something up.

  5. McKayla's twitter is entertaining. Looks like the American girls are having at least some fun too.

  6. Love those fabulous bitches.

    Geddert was fake-concerned about Komova riding a bus by herself without her team. If my elementary school aged students in inner city DC can walk themselves home I bet a 17 year old can ride a shuttle bus in one of the most heavily guarded areas in the world.

    According to twitter Sam and John climbed inside the olympic rings (which look to be at least 10 feet off the ground )and posed pictures. Aly asked them how they did it, like gymnasts who do 50 rope climbs a day can't shimmy up some damn pole (although those boys were probably used to having a coach lift them up) so they promised they'd show her how after she was no longer on Karyoli lockdown.

    1. Geddert was probably planning a hit on Komova and needed a cover:)

  7. Gah, The Russian Jumpers are so much FUG!