Sunday, July 29, 2012

Live Blog: Kisses From Mother Russia!

Here we go!  Phew. Calm down, Tara, calm down! Aly Raisman just showed us what it means to be one of the chosen people.

"Komova looks so happy...she must know that Wieber is out!"-WestPalmBitch

"How obvious do they make it that they all hate Gabby?"- A text from a beautiful reader.

Mustafina...Double Arabian+single stag leap. 2 1/2+front layout full. Beautiful Memmel turn...on the inch of the floor. Double tuck. Triple Twist with bent legs.  Solid job. 14.433

Sui Lu- beautiful world champion. Difficult mount. Pike front+Korbut, Barani, Switch ring, Aerial+bhs+back pike, L Turn, side somi, this is so steady and light, wolf jump+split leap, Double Pike...stiff legged, one small step. Beautiful routine.

Grishina- Double double..out of bounds (ran too far), Good Memmel turn...fought for it with an impressive leg wrap, 1 1/2 through to triple full, keeps running too close to the corner, gorgeous switch ring, the quality of her work is stunning. Stuck double tuck. "The dance is so inferior to Aly Raisman's."-Drunksana, Double Pike, hop forward. Steady warm up routine, needs to sharpen up for event finals.  Started in figure skating. It explains her fabulousness. 14.066...too many little stumbles.

15.400 for Sui Lu.

Yao Jinnan-off on a standing full. Almost off on a back layout. This is disastrous. Back tuck. Shannon, "she may not make the Olympics."  "No Shannon, she's not making it. Her Olympics is over like Jordyn Wieber."-Drunksana

I don't care about Kim Bui, show me Komova and Afanasyeva. Nasty leg separations for Kim Bui. 14.300..not worth the air time.

Afanasyeva nailed floor. (14.833)  13.900 for Komova apparently.- out of bounds on double pike and lots of steps.

I love that when Wieber finished, Shannon said a beautiful job and now she is saying she needs to pick herself up. That is when being PC fails you.

Grishina...LOW DTY. Not good. Chest low, step forward. 14.333  Needs to turn it on.

Komova...Amanar...NEAR STICK.  Fights back after a shaky floor effort. 15.663.

Jessica Lopez has not eaten since college and now she is in the Olympics. Saves her routine and hits. Gorgeous body line...just could eat a cheeseburger to look less frightening.

15.133 for Mustafina.

Sui Lu, nailing her floor routine. Steady job, but the choreography is not as inspiring as it once was. I loved her so much more in '07 and '08. 14.233.

Maria Paseka landed an ugly as shit Amanar.  We must see it.

Oksana Chusovitina- 'It is amazing to me that she was able to give birth." (We were waiting for Drunksana to finish the sentence, but did not.)

Huang Qiushuang- She has tats forming like Wu Jiani.  Rough first pass. Double tuck. Just not sharp today. Double pike...low, chest forward.  Not her best. She wasn't going to win a floor medal, so it doesn't matter that she gets the shakiness out now.

Shannon Kwiatkowski's commentary puts me to sleep.

13.700 for Chuso on the log. 13.575 for Huang on floor.

Yao Jinnan- Wait is Dengaling not doing floor? "Look at these girls with the sass. She just shook her ass like Dominique Moceanu!"-WestPalmBitch.  She totally Chinese the end of that floor routine on the 2 1/2 twist.  Yang Bo would be oh so proud.  Yao and Jo can form a support group. 13.066

I am not living for all of these interruptions on the feed, but at least they come from Tanith Belbin.

Nice DTY from Mustafina...she may be able to bust out the Amanar.  It won't be high or good, but she may be abl to pull it off. Her eyes certainly say as much.

Paseka on bars over Afanasyeva.

Grishina needs to get her fucking bangs together on bars before I slap her like Khorkina slapping Lobaznyuk in 2000 Team Finals.

Why the fuck is He Kexin vaulting?! Do they need a Yurchenko Full?  And the feed goes to commercial mid vault...

Generous score for He. That is embarrassing for China.

DTY for Deng Linlin, sloppy and uneven twisting. Not a square landing. China will not medal. 14.8333...generous.

Mustafina- gorgeous routine. Lovely bitchface and transitions. She has the extra amplitude, rocks the 1 1/2 twisting double back dismount. 15.700

China has well over one billion people. Their ability to only put together a team every eight years is pathetic.

"I have decided that Raisman is the fierce Jew who stays on her feet...everything we wished Sasha was."-Uschi Keszler

Komova- Breautiful line. Little leg sep before the piked tkatchev, usual special half pirouette well out of handstand, gorgeous double double dismount with legs together. 15.833

Yao Jinnan is injured...lands horribly, something is seriously wrong with her all day and it has taken a grave turn.

Paseka just touches need to be embarrassing. Grishina smacked her feet on bars, 14.033 and they still didn't use Paseka. That says something.  Russia could've added another point on bars.

Mustafina- Bitch is fierce. Dominatrix style. Double turn. Arabian, one slight arm circle. Switch ring, back leg better than front. Wobble and missed connection after Ononi, and Aerial and Back tuck. Mustafina doesn't remind me of Khorkina except for her attitude and shakiness on beam...Shannon is on crack.  Stuck double tuck dismount. I think they will be sharper for team finals. Mustafina looks to be getting in gear slowly. 14.700.

Huang Qiushuang...lovely bar work. Lovely dead hang. Pirouettes mostly on top of the bar. Stuck double layout dismount.

I love the Mustafina stole Dawes' hair glitter.

He we go. Reigning Olympic Champion on bars. Where is Nastia looking like Kate Moss when she runs out of coke?!  Nails the opening combo. Lovely layout jaegar+pak salto.  Small dead hang.  Gorgeous work and only a small step back on the dismount. Looks teary eyed. "Her face is pretty big. In a couple years, she is going to look like Kloe Chanel."-Drunksana

14.900 for Grishina on beam.

Rudi for Chusovitina...not as good as it was a few decades ago. You think you'd learn to keep your legs together when you've done it for 30 years.

Komova- L turn, not many connections, but lovely work, bhs+layout, I'm fine with her taking out the second one if she hits. Stuck arabian. Lovely leaps. Khorkina PIVOT!!!!! Bobble on punch front and side somi.  Hot damn. She looked ready to jump off. Switch ring. Stuck Patterson dismount! (Landed like Bogi)  15.266.  Vika is smiling. "I think Mustafina just told her that Jordyn Wieber didn't make the all around."-WestPalmBitch

The Russians need to calm down for finals.

15.966 for He Kexin on bars...doesn't have the same swing as Tweddle and they found areas to deduct.

Deng Linlin...she is a total Ionela Laoeis for China on bars. She makes it look like WORK.  Full twisting double 'layout' ala Vanessa Atler.

Ksenia Afanasyeva...he is a beautiful drag queen. Switch half, aerial+bhs+back pike. Tour jete half. Lovely quality. Onodi+Side Somi Nelli Kim connection. L Turn+counter turn. Double tuck dismount...walks out of it like in training. Could've stuck or taken a small step. 15.066.

Komova is currently 1st AA.  Russians much happier than Team USA. This is a true team. The Americans looked miserable today, despite being the top team.

"Komova qualifies first over Raisman...humming the tune of Beauty and the Beast."

Team Finals will be a real showdown. If Jordyn Wieber is on, it will be tough for Russia. (I do feel for Jordyn, not for her gymnastics or her coach.)

Chuso will make vault.  Kyla Ross will make bar finals unless someone out does her in the final session.

Canada will make Team Finals.  That is a joke.

If someone can send us a link to Afanasyeva's gorgeous floor, it would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Dearest AJ, you have made a grave mistake in watching the main feed rather than just Russia's floor. KAfan's new floor is too ferocious for my gay soul to handle. Crying. Dying.

  2. Will not be surprised to see USA finish 3RD behind Russia & Romania

  3. Interesting strategy by Russia. They must expect to kill it on beam to willing take a 14.033 on bars.

  4. after komova finished beam musty told her about jordyn you can tell by her face first the obvious shock, then the huge smile.

    But she'll be disappointed if I know my marta karolyi jordyn is going to find her way to the finals with either gabby or aly pulling out, probably best friend aly.

    1. I wouldn't be too happy if I was them. Neither one was prefect today, and Mustafina qualifying 5th after Weiber. Komova only cleared the field Gabby by .400. They need to be concerned about team finals. Kind of want Jordyn to rock it out during team finals and Marta make the decision after that.

    2. Not.Going.To.Happen

    3. Umm - Decision by Marta. NO. Weiber didn't qualify and that's that. If they sub her in I will be PISSED.

    4. Lol, please. Musty told Komova she was 1st in AA. Nothing to do with Weiber.

      Loved how happy and relaxed and happy Russia looked. Only less than 1.5 points behind US, with their crappy floor scores and Grishina not doing well on bars. I wonder if they will make Musty do the Amanar in TF. She will chuck it sometime during Olympics we all know that, just don't know when.

      Poor Yao, that injury came at the wrong time. China did what they needed to do to qualify I guess.

      Can't wait to see Romania.

    5. M - no cos komovas score wasnt up yet when musty snuck up to her. she told her bout wieber and then seconds later komova got her score and realised she was 1st

  5. I only hope no one is going to give Jordyn the number for Tonya Harding's former "bodyguard".

  6. Aly Raisman wins AA! Next ....the four horse men of the Apocalypse

  7. Thanks for showing the love to Team Canada! Oh right, just a snarky comment. They may not have had the best meet, but neither did some other countries; so they got in. A first for the Cdn WAG! GO CANADA GO!

  8. It's true the comment about how the girls seem to despise Gabby - and can barely conceal it. Well, maybe despise is a strong word. But you see the other girls grouped together and Gabby always on the outside. Maybe it's self imposed, but I feel sort of sorry for Gabby. She's just a kid and the team seems a bit mean girl-ish.

  9. I'm personally waiting for Martha to draw upon her old-time Eastern European roots and pull either Gabby or Aly from the AA with an "injury" or some other excuse as to why Jordyn should compete over one of the other girls. Will it be Galieva and Marinescu all over again? Who knows...

  10. < Afan's floor