Monday, July 16, 2012

A Floor Rotation to Remember


You're welcome.





Kolesnikova...Mama Komova was a fierce lead off.

Bonus: Yurchenko's compulsory floor


  1. I love how they cover the whole floor space. I love the ballet, and the interesting jumps, spins and leaps. I also love the way they rotate the double backs. They seem to spend quality time in the lower positions on the floor. The bird dance by Omeilianchik, is pure genius choreography. Thought and effort went into all the is beautiful and far superior to todays lack lustre performances.

  2. Oksana Omeilianchik = The best bird ever, just ¡WOW!

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  4. Exquisite. This Soviet floor rotation along with Romania's in 1987, and the Soviets in 1989 are easily my all-time faves. Shushunova is really the only one of the Soviets I don't care for. Her only great FX was at the 1988 Olympics. That dance/choreo suited her perfectly. The genius of Omelianchik's choreo is also within her own remarkable gift for dance. Same with Mostepanova. Love them all really.

  5. This is my favorite floor from Mostepanova, so mature and almost sexy. Love the jazz infusion. The girl could do anything.

    I love that Kolesnikova totally rocks the score to a Charlie's Angels car chase sequence. I can almost see Kate Jackson and gripping the steering wheel, while Jaclyn Smith looks on lifelessly in the passenger seat.

    Not enough can ever be said about the genius of Omelianchik. This FX is proof of the existence of a kind and loving deity.

  6. So many beautiful moments that caused me to say Oooooh! out loud. How did things come to this new code? Just tumbling & ugly "dance" series. Even the college girls have to do those awful "dance" combos. Bleck! This is artistic gymnastics. I hope we see it again one day.