Sunday, July 4, 2010

Young Artist Showcase

Challenge 3 of the Young Artist Showcase has been posted. While Johnny Weir is attempting to give Shannon Lenihan (friend of Yenta Modlin) a boost, Modlin's forgotten client (Jeremy Abbott) performed a wonderful program to Giselle that was choreographed by the lovely Kathryn McSwain.

For some reason, Audrey Weissiger's YAS is a bit ghetto when it comes to voting. Participants are told to vote by writing on the walls of the videos they wish to give their vote.


  1. God I hope Jer puts it together at a non-nationals big meet sometime soon... He's got too much amazing talent to go and pull a Sasha Cohen career.

  2. You are a magician with words. Judging without being offensive.

    BTW, can I watch the vid elsewhere? I can´t open it..forbidden access.

  3. Not impressed with Shannon at all. Jeremy, on the other hand, is always a delight. He would do well to fire Yenta Modlin ASAP and get someone who knows how to focus on an athlete's career, instead of being Bestest Gal Pal EVAH to someone who just basically announced his retirement from the sport.