Friday, July 23, 2010

The WOGA Transfers

Katelyn Ohashi and McKenzie Wofford are making their WOGA competitive debuts at Classics and both are looking magnificent. They are showing why they were selected to train with Valeri instead of having to trek over to Texas Dreams (like other recent transfers.)

Adopted daughter Katelyn Ohashi has become an even more brilliant beam worker since leaving Armine.

McKenzie Wofford is improving rapidly with Valeri's golden touch. Given the lack of depth on bars, McKenzie could be someone with a routine worth watching in another year or two. The potential is there.


  1. WOW- they both look great!! Where did Wofford transfer from?

  2. oh no, Wofford does the dreaded WOGA tap. ick ick ick.

  3. Wofford was previously at Stars and coached by Natasha Kelley's awful coaches.

  4. I wouldn't be suprised if these four are on the national team: Wofford, Kocian, Leduc, and Ohashi. Grace Mclaughlin really should be in there too, damn injury!