Friday, July 23, 2010

More Podium Training

McKenzie Wofford is quickly becoming the real deal at WOGA. The competition in the gym is making each of them better in a Karolyi Six Pack sort of way. When Evgeny had a group, the competition seemed somewhat less intense. These girls are fierce and mean business.

Adopted daughter Maddi Desch is making daddy proud.

Jordyn Wieber looks ready to collect another title. She brought her Amanar to Chicago.

I'd much prefer a Kyla Ross victory. Her bar upgrades appear to be seamlessly integrated into the routine.

Sabrina Vega is cowboy central and looking sloppier by the day.

Alyssa Baumann has work to do, but the potential is obvious.

Watching the WOGA juniors warm up melts my icy heart.

I see the promise in Polina Shchennikova but I am not yet obsessed.


  1. Thoughts on Katelyn Ohashi's beastly beam along with her awesome layout full?

  2. How old are these girls?

  3. Am I the only one who can't get the gymnastics clips to play?

  4. Ok I take that back the embedded vids won't play. I enjoyed the ones directly from the gymnastike site. Thanks for the links.