Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cover Girl Classic Broadcast Highlights

A youtuber has uploaded the Cover Girl Classic. The above clip includes some of my favorite MLT quotes ever! My love for this woman only grows continually. I need to work for her and be OCD together. Maybe she could organize my desk for me and I'd help her categorize form breaks. I'm willing to scrub down any and all workout bands!

I love Tasha the gymnastics diva, but her commentary is so bland. Trying to be nice and smooth her personality doesn't work for her. Tasha needs to remember that no one liked her pre makeover because she was awkward and had a horrendous floor routine. Let your inner diva out!

I'm not so sure about her having a hamstring injury. Have they really watched her do her L Turn on beam before? It always looks like that.

This part includes Alicia's wonderful comments about Uneven Bars being her favorite event.

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  1. Wow did MLT really call Jetter's leaps trash?! I love it. I also love Zama competing in a UCLA leo, she looks lovely and was again totally acting all stoned after that beam routine. Maybe