Thursday, July 8, 2010

OCD Overdrive

Mary Lee Tracy posted her basics regimen on youtube. Amanda Jetter had the torture, I mean honor, of demonstrating for the internet audience. Amanda has experienced a growth spurt over the last eighteen months and Mary Lee will beat the awkwardness out of her if it is the last thing she does! It becomes quite apparent that Jetter was chosen because Mary Lee felt that she needed an extra session on fundamentals.

Amanda is tight in her shoulders! She is tight! Her hip flexers are tight too! I want to see the muscles in the quads! Maximum extension!

CGA produces very technically precise gymnasts. They've never been accused of being finesse gymnasts, other than Alyssa Beckerman, who did her formative training at North Stars. Every muscle needs to be taut! This creates a jerky, awkward quality during floor routines. Ever seen Sam Sheehan dance? Enough said.

One can only imagine what it is like listening to MLT's assertive twang eight hours a day. Lift! Push it 1-2! 1-2! 1-2! The woman doesn't understand that less is more when it comes to corrections. She clearly doesn't worry about overloading her athletes with instructions. It is clear that I'd last for about a day before I told her to Shut. The. ________ It is clearly that MLT works on her voice tonality to make sure it carries and that is certainly unfortunate for the rest of us.

Everything Mary Lee does has a purpose and an intention! One can only imagine what her daily grooming routine is like.
I am brushing my teeth with a regular tooth brush in order to maximize muscle control and work my biceps and arm flexibility. Apply deodorant with the same hand to each underarm. This is important for wrist flexibility, which is preparation for eagle and mixed grips on bars.

Amanda Jetter is NOT a front tumbler, but Mary Lee will have her doing front double full+front layouts by 2012. This woman is driven ! Don't show her any weakness. She'll go off and buy bands, create drills and call Tammy Biggs in to abuse you.

I always cringe when Mary Lee mentions the word 'vault.'
'Getting the feet 'OVER!' Over! Over! Over! Over! Over!

She is never at a loss for words. If she notices a correction, she always has to mention at least three body parts.

Chest Up! Very nice.


  1. I'm surprised she'd demonstrate the walkovers with someone who has so little flexibility in the split!

  2. "Every muscle needs to be taught!"

    It is "taut", not "taught"

  3. head position on the front handspring is causing lots of problems... you can't have open shoulders if you are pulling your chin down -- someone should have fixed that when she was a level 5

    beautiful front tucks though jet :)

  4. "Higher! Shoulders back! Legs firm! Let's see those quads!!!"

    I can only imagine what her daughters went through.

    "Tits out! Tits OUT! Chin up!!!! Shoulders back!!! Make those boys get boners!!! Good... very good. Again..."

  5. I guarantee she has heard every correction that we are thinking many times. One does not have to worry about getting your money's worth with MLT.

  6. Surprised that Kayla Williams hasn't become the new buttmonkey of CGA demonstrations. I bet MLT won't let her on camera until she loses annother 10 pounds.