Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Nancy Kerrigan Moment

What is Nancy without the pretty dresses or the whack on the knee? Following a season that saw her win an Olympic Bronze and a World Silver medal, Nancy and Mary came up with something mature and genius: Beauty and the Beast. This is exactly what a 23 year old should be skating to.

Given Nancy's success rate during the '92-'93 season, this may have been her best performance of the program. The holding of edges and sexiness off the bat makes this program a winner.

Nancy may have missed her triple flip, but we can't really be disappointed. We can count the number of times she landed it on one finger.

The footwork at 6:21 is just out of this world in terms of Mary Scotvold magic. At 6:47ish, Nancy is clearly representing the wilting rose in the Beast's castle with the waving of her arms and the movement of her feet. Left-right-left-right. "She sure showed them how to figure skate." Oh Peggy.

The leaning over/holding of the edge at 7:58 may indeed be the sexiest Nancy move of all time. I adore it almost as much as I adore her lutz. Then Nancy feigns embarrassment at 8:06. There are no words to describe that Mary creation. It's just ''brilliant.''

And as always, she ends with the spiral that is held up by her hand. She is clearly hiding her face in shame due to the fact Bobek out-spiraling her that night.


  1. If she was 10 years old it would have been charming. Still better than any of her olympic programs though!

  2. I can't stand it when ignorant people compare Nancy and Sasha. Sasha might have 1 popped jump in her whole competitive career ( I don't even know what a single/double flip, lutz, loop or axel looks like on her). Nancy skated with a arsenal of doubles which she sometimes turned into triples for good measure.

  3. That outfit was something! Give her a baton and she could have twirled her way across the ice!!

  4. very unflattering dress. does nothing for her.

  5. Her real Beauty and the Beast dress might be the most stunning dress Vera ever made for her. It is a toss up between that and the dress for her '94 Olympic Short Program.

    This looked like an old dress/practice dress she was using until the other dress was ready. She wore her '92 Olympic Long Program dress at the Pro-Am later that fall.