Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Short Dance

The ISU has provided an example of the short dance for all of us. For some odd reason, the ISU chose Summersett and Gilles to provide us with an example. Everyone knows that Marina Zueva will define this new dance, so why bother with some white bread Americans? Sadly, this may be Jane and Todd's shining moment.


  1. the original dance was my favorite part of the ice dance competition.
    having a designated rhythm/theme and all.
    now ISU gives us the short dance.
    first oof all, the phrase "short dance" doesn't sound appealing or maybe i'm just not used to it.
    but anyways, that was a horrible example - way to get me hyped up ISU. horrible music, lame lift, horrible music!

    marina please reveal you dance slaves now!

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