Monday, July 26, 2010

This and That

Fellow Kwaniac Grant Hochstein debuted new programs at Skate Detroit. He blogged about the competition for Ice Network.

Maranda Smith will be returning the UF for one more season with the Gators. This was just announced by Coach Rhonda Faehn on twitter.

Julianne Hough is headed to LA to begin preproduction on Footloose.

Keegan Messing is determined to make the Junior Grand Prix Final this season.

Serena Williams is continuing to rehab an injured foot. Serena injured her foot by stepping on broken glass and needed surgery. She is out of the warm up tournaments for the US Open and is questionable for the Grand Slam.

Grace Taylor got married this past weekend. Many of her teammates were bridesmaids, including Courtney Kupets, Lauren Johnson, Audrey Bowers, Kat Ding, Courtney McCool, Hilary Mauro and Marcia Newby. Since Grace had her wedding the day of the US Classic, Jay Clark was not in attendance. Jay did cause a rift with Grace this year when he was less than enthusiastic about her engagement. Jay felt that Grace would be less than committed to the team and voiced his opinion. Grace was hurt by that and certainly didn't appear to be happy this season. Grace's bridesmaids wore light blue and the NCAA Champion made quite the beautiful bride.

Alyssa Baumann will be competing at Nationals The new international elite has had a growth plate issue in her foot and only competed on bars and beam at Classics.

Apolo Ohno announced the new six year deal between the USOC and BMW on The Today Show this morning. This is certainly a big 'get' for the USOC.


  1. alicia sacramone was named USA Today's Olympic athlete of the week.. USA Gymnastics headline on their website ".. won the only events she competed in, vault and UNEVEN BARS..." That's special right there. At least USA Today got it right. Thought you'd appreciate.

    exciting for Grace.. i cant wait til we start to get some college gym news =)

  2. At least in Hochstein's case he is doing more steps into the solo jump now that the second step sequence is gone.

  3. So who is either not on scholarship or losing their scholarship at UF? I assume Dickerson, King, Mahlich, Stageberg, King, Goodwin, Ellis, Ferguson, and now Smith are all on scholarship. But Macko, Hunter, Johnson and Noble = 13. Maybe Ferguson, Ellis, or Noble are walkons or are Hunter or Macko deferring??

  4. Don't forget Liz Green at UF

  5. Macko has said she's deferring to try and make the world's team - perhaps that makes room?

  6. So Green makes 14. The scholarship situation at UF is becoming more confusing than the one at UCLA.

  7. Man it's hard to get through a skaters program if they are skating to Michelle's music. While watching Hochstein's new short I started to think of Michelle and now I have to watch her skate to Dream of Des which is one of her most amazing short programs. I stopped watching Hochstein in the middle of his short to find Michelle's masterpiece.