Friday, July 23, 2010

All That Skate Live

If you're having difficulty with any of the feeds, is working for me.


  1. The show was simply amazing. Kwan, Sasha, Lambiel - wow, clean FS finally, complete with quads - then Yuna - an explosion. Her Bulletproof program is an absolute, total win and so was Yuna in it. It is amazing to see that Yuna is still growing and evolving.

    And David Wilson's dance choreo on Yuna is way way better than Bazic's IMO.

  2. Everyone was great despite some falls and stumbles. Even the lesser skaters turned out to be entertaining. I thought Kwan's programs were not as effective as last year, but she showed she still remains the Kween. Sasha was lovely, but she is obviously struggling with some injuries- possibly from pair tryout?

    Frankly, I used to think Yu-Na won OGM by default and has earned underserved fame and praise all along her career, but I truly enjoyed her for the first time. She was loose and expressive, reminiscent of Denise Biellman and Kristi Yamaguchi.

    AJ- you were right. Great show.