Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Classics Videos

Videos from the Cover Girl Classic are popping up. I'll link what wasn't shown on the broadcast.

McKenzie Wofford- UB Meltdown, BB, FX
Kyla Ross-VT, FX
Gabrielle Douglas- UB
Jordyn Wieber-BB, FX
Sabrina Vega- VT, UB, FX
Katelyn Ohashi-UB, FX
Bridget Sloan- UB Warm Up, BB
Va Zam- UB
Chelsea Davis- UB, BB
Macko Caquatto- VT
Sophia Lee- FX
Kytra Hunter- BB
Amanda Jetter- FX
Lizzy LeDuc- VT, UB, FX
Lexie Priessman- VT,BB, FX
Amelia Hundley- UB
McKayla Maroney- VT, FX
Claire Boyce- UB
Hallie Mossett- BB


  1. Zam's deltchev is effing HOT.

  2. Thanks so much for the links since the videos themselves aren't labeled. I'm grateful for videos either way, but this is easier.

  3. I love me a deltchev and Zam's is HOT.

  4. I'll keep adding video links as people upload them.

  5. Can we get Caquatto's UB routine posted? It was great and I want to see it again!

  6. A few more:
    Ohashi BB:

    Morgan Smith UB:
    " " BB:
    " " FX:
    " " VT:

    LeDuc BB:

    And because Anon upthread wants to see it again, Caquatto UB: