Monday, July 12, 2010

A Mary Scotvold Moment

Nancy skating to the music of Lea Salonga. Let's talk about it. Mary was loving broadway in the early '90s and was inspired to have her girl hold even more edges than usual! While we always discuss how sexy Mary makes them look when they hold their edges, it is time to discuss all of the wonderful arm movements going on. Who needs Lea, when you have Nancy?

When Nancy holds up her leg on her spiral, her left arm first extends to the audience, but then she buries her eyes in her arm. Is she hiding her head in shame because she knows that spiral is complete bullshit? Skating into her triple toe, Nancy has a classic Mary move where she stops her back crossovers, stands tall and looks statuesque while commanding some emotional depth with her right arm. Of course, it last for less than three seconds. Nancy also performs a unique arm variation during Mary's favorite change-of-edge-while-skating-forward-on-two-feet choreographic masterpiece. Nancy lifts her arms ice, along with the souls of the audience. Of course, her face shows no emotion. This is serious. Nancy is giving her life for us.

There is so much going on immediately preceding that triple toe. One of Nancy's favorite moves is to push her arms down by her sides, slightly extend one leg forward and turn in a fall turn. Simple, pointless, bizarre...everything a Nancy exhibition should be. In closing, I am not belittling Nancy's dramatic appeal. I mean, look at her signature move skating out of her double lutz. It is a hop, half turn, land in a knee bend and then REACH. I think that is some serious Nancy angst. Paul rubbed off on Nancy, she just didn't sweat profusely in a 27 degree ice rink.

The death at the end is tragic but inspiring. Go Nancy. Give your life for us! Oh I have tears! Serious tears.

And for added measure, some Nancy-Mary dance moves!


  1. lol. This program actually wasn't half bad by Nancy standards. At least she looked inspired.

  2. You are so funny :)

  3. I know for a fact that AJ is actually an AGENT of the ILLUNINATTI sent to hide the truth. This truth is that Johnny Weir has been fighting the powers of the illuninaty for years but after terrible pressure has fianlly given in and become theirs. This is the real reason he is leaving skating for now. Now he is just as much an iulluninati pawn as his hero lady gaga.


  4. hahaha, i'd pick out a favorite part but this was all funny.

  5. Holding an edge and looking sexy was a Scotvold favorite, but this is clearly holding a flat and reaching for inspiration. Nitpicking, I knowP.