Friday, July 9, 2010

This and That

Kelly Ripa went to the gym to learn gymnastics.

Courtney McCool's Olympic Experience speech at Flip Fest.

Phil Hersh weighs in on Johnny Weir's announcement.

The cast for the 2010 edition of The Ice was revealed. The cast includes Mao Asada, Mai Asada, Takahiko Kozuka, Akiko Suzuki, Evgeny Plushenko, Jeff Buttle, Adam Rippon, Florent Amodio, Mirai Nagasu, Shen & Zhao, Kanako Murakami, and the Kerrs. Several up-and-coming skaters will also perform.


  1. Kelly wasn't half bad. Sorry but she would kick tha average gym mom's butt. twice over. Of course Kelly has a lot of time to work out (and she obviously does).

  2. Kelly also has tons on energy, due to all the Crack Cocaine she follically ingests:

  3. Buttle exposed how COP rendered a quad meaningless! That is what I thought of when I saw Plushenko and then Buttle.

  4. omg that coach totally dropped kelly ripa on the cast handstand.

  5. I had no idea that those skills were that difficult. They make it look so easy on tv. Those little girls were awesome.

  6. Is it horrible that my favorite part was when Kelly fell off the high bar onto her back?! That was kind of funny, (hahahahahahahaha! ha!)