Monday, July 26, 2010

All That Skate Sunday

I really didn't love Kwan's programs as much as last year. It was quite evident that Karen choreographed them when Michelle had some spare time.

This weekend was really all about Michelle's abs. Girl needs a workout video. I want my body by Michelle.

Della Bella says that John Zimmerman's sole job is to stand on the ice, look sexy and excite her. It takes quite a bit to get Della Bella's heart up. She is a Zumba diva, yet John always manages to do the trick.

I think the highlight of the show was the announcing calling Jamie and David 'a harmonious couple.'

Sasha's music choices over the years: Babs, Celina and now Liza. Love it. I think a Judy program is in order.

We need to have a talk with Sasha about her Hallelujah costume.

Jeremy's twinkalicious new short program. We really need to send him to Shae-Lynn and force her to have a discussion about those arms with him. Less is more.



  1. Watching Sasha is just sad. She is obviously injured and undertrained. I haven't seen her fall on a double axel in a long time and she didn't even for the salchow. The real red flag to me was that she wasn't even doing her famous spilt russian splits or her classic spiral but only pathetic looking stags.

    Michelle has great presence of the ice and a nice contemporary dance quality to her programs as she did last year, but they are just not as spectacular and her dresses look like they were pulled out of the SOI group number bin.

  2. I believe Kwan's dresses are from the Champions On Ice group numbers.

  3. Literally. I think Kwan may have used those dresses on a COI number like eight years ago.

  4. Sasha really looks like she has not attempted a jump in months. At least do your trademark spiral and Russian splits! It's like she had no gas or was just unprepared/injured.