Friday, July 23, 2010

History Lesson: 1988 Olympics Men's All Around

The 1988 Men's All-Around Final remains one of the greatest Soviet bloodbaths ever witnessed by anyone. Instead of watching the red army take on some poor Republic, the top three men in the world brought their A Game to slaughter one another.

Vladimir Artemov. Valeri Liukin. Dmitry Bilozerchev. How can you possibly choose between them?

It is this narrow loss that fueled Valeri to coach his prized daughter to Olympic Gold. Knowing how competitive Papa Valeri is, one can only imagine the degree to which the silver medal got under his skin.

As much as I love Valeri's gymnastics, I think the outcome was 100% correct.

Warning: You may need to change your pants after watching men this delicious. Bart Conner certainly sounds like he needed to.


  1. Qualifications screwed Dmitry. They had way too much weight back then. He would of won gold otherwise. :(
    In my opinion, qualification scores should be used as tiebreakers. This would of given Nastia bars gold in Beijing. So many what ifs...

  2. These three guys remind me of the 2008 u.s. girls.

    Vladimir=Nastia elegant and precise

    Valeri=Shawn young, stocky trickster (except Valeri was innovative)

    Dmitri=Chellsie injury-prone, sentimental favorite

  3. Anonymous number 2, please do us a favor and commit suicide. Anyone who compares Memmel to Bilozerchev does not belong in an intelligent society.