Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This and That

KJ Kindler may just be the fiercest head coach in the NCAA. Ms. Kindler means business and is quite the fab choreographer. The NCAA coach of the year demonstrates front aerial technique. KJ is apparently a huge So You Think You Can Dance aficionado. I adore how KJ always has sunglasses atop her head. KJ is so fierce that she needs to prepare for the intensity of her own glowing presence.

Shizuka Arakawa will headline Friends On Ice, August 27-29. Participants in the show include Daisuke Takahashi, Akiko Suzuki, Takahiko Kozuka, Yuka Sato, Takeshi Honda, Evan Lysacek, Belgosto, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Ilia Kulik and Pang and Tong.

Alicia Sacramone was named USA Today's Athlete of the Week.

I don't want to rip on other blogs, but I have something to say about Axels, Loops and Spins. A comment needs to be made. I'll overlook all of the posts saying "skaters should do the Grand Prix" and the insubstantial posts after the free trip to Vancouver. Something needs to be corrected about him ''putting two and two together'' about the reasons surrounding Caroline Zhang's coaching changes. The Zhangs (mother and daughter) are notoriously difficult to deal with. Caroline skates millions of sessions a day with her mother standing at the boards yelling at her. When they left Li Mingzhu, Caroline initially trained with Callaghan and that relationship deteriorated within a matter of weeks. Caroline then went to Charlene Wong but eventually back to Li Mingzhu. While Li is a good coach, she is really one of the few who was willing to put up with the Zhang bullshit attitude and drama. Anyone involved in figure skating in Southern California has heard all about the Zhangs over the years. They're infamous. It isn't some rumor gone awry. It is common knowledge. Zhang actually left Ms. Li a month before she chose to return to China. Ms. Li began working with Chinese skaters a few years ago and is moving back home.

If you've ever watched Caroline Zhang in the Kiss and Cry (2009 Skate Canada is a personal favorite), it is easy to tell why several more coaching changes will be on the way. Perhaps it should be dubbed Zhangitude?

Today marks the two year mark until the 2012 Olympics.

Shona Morgan verbally committed to Stanford. She is set to compete in 2011.

The NYC launch of Supergirl by Nastia:

And just because it is so moving, tears may run down your face, another competitive outing of Nancy Kerrigan's legendary Beauty and the Beast. (P.S. Who was Scott talking about shaking off bad warm ups and practices? Nancy pre 93-94? Um ok. This commentary tells you everything you will ever need to know about Scott Hamilton's level of taste. It certainly explains the Lysacek love.)


  1. Seriously. Kwan didn't do the Grand Prix post-2002 and I don't recall anyone throwing a shitfit about it. And Zhang needs to retire. As do the other Zhangs.

  2. Ottavio bitched about Kwan not doing the Grand Prix. He made threats about skaters who didn't do the Grand Prix for a while.

  3. Ah, Takeshi Honda. I used to live for his skating. A few months ago, I wanted to see what had become of him, so I did a youtube search. He looked like he'd been on a diet of steroids and/or doughnuts, like an Asian Artur Dimetriev. So sad. Hope that's changed.

  4. Completely with you on the Zhang stuff.

  5. I think Nancy should have worn a gold dress like Belle. The sophisticated, educated audience would have loved it.

  6. Why are you so nasty? Seriously.