Friday, July 23, 2010

Training Videos

Training videos are popping up from the Cover Girl Classic. Just when you think you're getting bored of gymnastics, videos emerge and an obsessed fan immediately starts analyzing and formulating possible World Team lineups.

Mattie Larson's double layout is heavenly on floor. She is actually looking good. Might Mattie have a shot if she can actually remain healthy?! Oh my, did those words seriously come out of my mouth?

Alicia is looking quite trim but a bit nervous. Girl needs to get one out of the way. My excitement level about her comeback just isn't as high as I'd expect it to be. It just isn't the same without the thigh rubbing. Girl needs to get back on floor. STAT.

Aly Raisman looks good but that piked double arabian has some seriously questionable form. Here's to hoping that was just a poor attempt.

Amanda Jetter is looking thin and less awkward than usual. Has she grown into her body? Those extra basics sessions are working out for her!

Sam Shapiro has never met a bar handstand that she couldn't be short on. Learn to cast. Didn't she want to be a bars and beam specialist at one point?!

Rebecca Bross is tiny and serious. Briley Casanova is labored and hopeless.

Given her bar routine, Cassie Whitcomb is making herself impossible to ignore.

Hot on the comeback trail, Chelsea Davis looks stronger than expected.

As always, Anne's interviews are stellar. One of these days, someone needs to come along and give a real answer.

Question #1: What are your goals for this meet?
I want to hit my routines and live to see another day. If I miss my bar routine, there may be spring boards being thrown in my direction.

Question#2: If you could take one image, one photograph from this meet, what would it be?
Rebecca Bross falling on floor. I was pretty excited about it. Hell, I won worlds!

Question#3: How does it feel to have _______ back in the gym?
I hate that bitch. I preferred having the attention just on me.

Question#4: What do you like most about going to the National Training Camps with the other girls?
Leaving, though I do enjoy keeping my enemies close.

Question#5: What is it like having _________ for a coach?
She's a complete witch, but at least she'll sleep with whomever to get me on the team.


  1. The juniors need to hurry up. ALL these seniors suck.

    Alicia looks fat not in shape. You are blind.

  2. AJ, you're very busy today. Did you take a day off? It's nice to see you appearing to be enthused by your blogging again, and I'm enjoying all your newsies.


  3. I think training just a few hours a day could keep Alicia healthy. Though, it would be nice to see a new skill from her every once in a while.

  4. I have the day off today and have been going to bed super early this week. I've been trying to keep the sleeping schedule of a normal human. It is one of the life changes I made back when I initially deleted the blog. I no longer stay up til 4 am.

  5. I have to agree with Anon one. Alicia looks fat to me too. Gymnast fat not human fat but def out of shape.

    Maybe she should spend less time partying and flying all over to see Brady Quinn and more time in the gym.

    Telling someone to get over themselves because you disagree with them is immature. Someone needs a thicker skin.

  6. Why would I be offended because someone called another person fat? I really do not care if people think Alicia is fat. It's hilarious that people DO, she's always looked how she does now.

    P.S. - Writing anonymously is LAME.

  7. I actually think Alicia looks thinner than she did at Nationals in 2008, but then again, she was wearing a white leo. Those make everyone look like tanks.

    I love how the anonymous commenters are so quick to say that 'we are blind' or 'immature.'

    Alicia really does look to be in great shape.

  8. jeesh. i thought alicia looked good (even for a gymnast). i was impressed with her having her '08 routines back, but i had pretty low expectations about her comeback. im pumped for this competition. i need my gymnastics fix.

  9. Rebecca Bross is RIPPED. 17 and still so little. Of course she'll probably always be short, but to still be so thin... Crazy.

  10. Valeri should take one hour out of Rebecca Bross' day and have a ballet instructor work with her, one-on-one. Over time it may give her a bit more polish and grace to go with her power. *wishful thinking....

  11. I think Alicia looks like she's in fantastic shape. She's always been chesty... That has nothing to do with the fact that she looks toned and in shape.

  12. My first thought when seeing her in the training vids was wow she looks really good! I too thought she looked better that summer '08. Don't know exactly what everyone else is seeing to make them think that "she is fat"

    In other news, Anne is still boring the shit out of me. I know that it is better than nothing but heavens. Seriously. Its been two years! You would think that she would be picking up some interviewing skills along the way. Nope.

  13. Don't forget,
    #6: What are your pre-meet rituals?
    Well, I really just like to head to a strip club and get naked to earn a little extra money to pay for all of the ridiculous leotards. Honestly, do I need a new one every competition?

  14. I agree that Sam Shapiro is short of quite a few handstands, but she has a great toe point and I love the way she floats in her pak salto.

    Alicia looks very fit to me.