Saturday, July 10, 2010

This and That

Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner were recently photographed with cirque performers. Given Nadia's 'dental work,' it is difficult to determine who the clowns are.

The results from the mens qualifier are in. Jesse Silverstein defeated Danell Leyva by four tenths for the AA crown. Handsome Alex Buscaglia (former beau of Anna Li) tied for fourth and Alexy Bilozertchev finished sixth. Daniel Ribiero was second on pommel horse.

Videos of Grace McLaughlin's Vault and Uneven Bars from the Elite Qualifier have been posted. Looking at Grace's slow and steady progression, improvement on beam and strength on bars, one can easily see Grace capturing Martha's attention should she make the National Team this summer.

Sasha Cohen and Rockne Brubaker did indeed have a pairs tryout. One can only imagine what they'd be like as a pair. Sasha would surely have the most stunning lifts and split twists, with throws and side by side jumps that rivaled the consistency of Keauna. Should this pair be successful, it would keep John Nicks in the sport and be highly entertaining.

Fedor Andreev and Jana Khokhlova are progressing well in training and expect to compete at Russian Nationals.

Belgosto spoke to Susan from Lifeskate about their future plans.

Training footage of the Blahtah freshmen has been posted. Summer training in the NCAA is always interesting. Workouts are 'voluntary' and coaches are only supposed to be there for spotting purposes, but in actuality, many gymnasts learn new skills and new routines over the summer. Courtney Kupets learned her 2007 UB routine during the summer. Lothrop looks to be in good shape for NCAA.


  1. Wow about Sasha and Rockne. they would be the hotness dream team. What I wouldn't give to see her to Keauna and Rockne's Malague├▒a with Rockne. She sure would show Keauna what she is missing.

  2. Is that actually Nadia in the photo or another dark brunette?

  3. McLaughlin's bent arms going to hs after every close-bar element are terrible. They should've fixed that a long time ago... ugh.

  4. A Brubaker-Cohen team? Sign me up. I was never a Sasha fan (I was definitely in Michelle's camp), but I could be converted if she picks up pairs and is good at it. I think that would get Pairs into Primetime too. Heck, even with her headcase-ness, she can usually land a few triples so she should be more consistent than say...Robin Szolkowy. And think of the hotness in endorsements...

  5. lol Sasha in pairs? Not even believable. She would actually have to learn how to work with someone, rather than changing coaches every time the coach doesn't let her do whatever she wants! I'd laugh watching her trying to land throws. Hell, I'd laugh watching her try to learn throws at her age without getting injured again! It would be a fun trainwreck to watch though. And it may somewhat ruin her reputation as a singles skater.

  6. I can't take Sasha seriously. Why does she want yet another return to eligible skating, in a different discipline no less? Sasha's lifts would be fine, but the twist would be one of the hardest elements for her to learn. She'd either be okay with it, or a complete fail.

  7. Is it wrong I think Grace McLaughlin is just going to be a better version of Christa Tanella?