Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This and That

Monica Rosu and Silvia Stroescu participated in a 3D photo shoot for a Romanian newspaper.

Jeremy Abbott revealed his new music choices. He'll be skating to Viejos Aires by Ensamble Nuevo Tango. For his long program, he'll be portraying the father from Life Is Beautiful. Jeremy spoke to Icenetwork about both programs. He is one of the few skaters to really be inspired by music and choreography, so they both sound very promising. He'll be debuting the short program at All That Skate next week. While Johnny Weir gets a lot of attention (as does Evan), Jeremy was invited to do Stars On Ice and to participate in Yu-Na's show (simply the premiere ice show in the world.) We can only hope that this will help his confidence.

Ashley Wagner will be skating to Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir' (performed by the London Philarmonic) for her short and Malageuna for her long program. Both programs were choreographed by Irina Romanova.

Bridget Sloan is scheduled to compete on a few events at the US Classic (CoverGirl Classic), as are Mattie Larson and Sam Shapiro. Alicia Sacramone is scheduled to compete on vault and beam. Rebecca Bross is aiming to win the all-around at Nationals and Worlds despite a slight ankle injury that has had her wearing a boot in recent weeks. Bross and Sloan are upgrading their routines with 2012 in mind. Bross will debut upgrades on beam and plans to compete in two events at classics.

Highlights of the MAG National Qualifier from last weekend:

The schedule for the Liberty Open is posted. Melissa Bulanhagui owes me in advance for getting up at the crack of dawn to watch her compete her long program.


  1. Luikin was quoted in Inside Gymnastics as saying that Bross would only compete a couple events...I don't think she's going for the AA. Besides, this meet is really for all the girls to check each other out a few wks out from nationals no need to go on all 4s and end up short...

  2. Hmmm interesting choices for both Abbott and Wagner. Of course I think Malaguena is overused, but I think her interpretation should be decent. I'm glad I Googled "Life is Beautiful." I got it confused with "American Beauty" and thought Abbott was going to smoke weed and fantasize about teenage girls and drown in mediocrity. Glad that's not the case.