Thursday, July 15, 2010

History Lesson: 1991 American Cup

Betty Okino beat Kimbo. According to Bela, Kimbo wasn't injured, she was lazy. Nevermind the fracture in her wrist, she just was clearly just wanting to get fat in his Romanian mind. I'm sure his comments on TV weren't made to deliberately piss her off and motivate her.

While meets were really all about Bela, this WAS Betty Okino's shining moment. This is the moment that Betty 150 degree split Okino outscored Nadia's American Cup All-Around Record. Because Rebecca Bross winning everything wasn't enough reason to make you slit your wrists!


  1. Betty Okino = most overrated gymnast ever!

  2. Love Love Love this meet. Also love Julianne McNamera commenting.

  3. Fun to watch.

    The Chinese gymnast was interesting- hard to believe she was their national champion. It may have been the camera angle, but she actually looked fairly stocky for a Chinese gymnast. She also actually looked like she probably was 15. I liked the chest roll/ half turn thingy she did on beam, but her form on her layout stepouts was horrendous!

    Now- why would someone with as nice of lines as Betty have such poor split??

  4. Is the Chinese gymnast Zhang Xia Deng Linlin and Jiang Yuyuan's coach?