Friday, August 31, 2012

Disney Magic

This week, the horrors of the GOP convention were erased when I came across videos from the 2011 Disney 23 expo and saw the voices of our favorite Disney princesses squeezing into sequined gowns and performing their signature ballads.

Mulan: Reflection

Not that any of us saw this movie, but she is all kinds of amazing.


All together.

And because you know you want to go on a Lea Salonga kick...


  1. I can't even with Paige O'Hara. That last video of the four women together reminded me of a really low-rent version of the Webber Love Trio (plus one). Having said that, I love Anika. And 90's Lea.

  2. Laws, how much did Paige pay for that rack? I'd sue the surgeon.

    Anika is awesome to the nth degree. I did see that movie and loved it. She was also better than Jill Scott in the HBO show they did.

  3. Ugh, Paige O'Hara can't even sing on key!!! I couldn't listen to more than a minute of it.

  4. Disney Legends! I can't even snark - I love them all, especially Lea. Speaking of whom, the only thing this post is missing is "A Little Fall of Rain."