Thursday, August 9, 2012

This and That

It happened. This week on Dance Moms, Brooke Hyland rehearsed a Diary of Anne Frank solo. Better yet, her mother...didn't know the story but knew she wasn't the cartwheeling type. Why is Brooke doing cartwheels in the Diary of Anne Frank? Is she vaulting over the bookcase? How would her acro skills work while she fought with her icy mother and made her sister jealous by her dates in Peter's room?  Also, why are the Hyland kids always injured? These are all questions needing to be answered.

How to Build an Olympic Champion

Maroney gets her wish to chill in the rings

Nastia Liukin interviews the Fierce Five

No return to jail for skater Kerrigan's brother

Q+A with Gabby Douglas and Natalie Hawkins

Spelman College recruits Gabby Douglas

Vanity Fair is not living for the messy bun

Hello Robbie Grabarz!

South Korean gold gymnast vaults from rags to riches

Kerri Strug's Outfit: Discuss

Shopping with the plastics.

Shannon gets tinier and tinier...

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The Fierce Five tour London with Jenna Bush (epic Maroney moment)

Aliya Mustafina arrives at the airport.

This is Maddie over you.


  1. God, Kerri Strug can't wear clothes for crap. To paraphrase Ab Fab, how does she do that to clothes?

    I also hate Nastai's interviewing style. It sounded more "truth or dare?" than anything resembling journalism. I also got some serious LOLZ because it says it's the Fab Five....but only four of them are there.

  2. Didn't Shannon Miller have a cancer battle? She sure looks super thin and looks like she's wearing a wig. Praying for her health.

  3. I agree her skin now looks drawn and she is much thinner than is healthy for her. Something's not right, here. I thought she was in remission more than a year ago. After chemo, hair doesn't just "grow back" as if it were shaved off. It comes back in stages and there often are thin spots. But from the "after" photos she had on her blog just a few months after chemo was over, it looked like her hair was coming back in evenly and that she was a healthy weight.

    1. Agreed. Her face looks overly done up with makeup in that picture with Gabby. I really do hope she's OK.

  4. Strug manages to make almost anything look dumpy. Designers looking to show off their wares need to run as far away from her as possible.

    That outfit wouldn't look half-bad on someone with more inherent style and/or with a different bodytype. This woman was in better shape than 99.999% of the world - and probably still is in better shape than 98.55555% of the world - but still doesn't have a body built to look that good in stylish clothes. I think her biggest problem is internal, though: she just doesn't have the personality or the knack to really "own" an outfit. Confidence and poise can do wonders for your overall look. Having the same demeanor you had in 1996 does not equate to poise.

  5. Re: Gabby ESPN Interview: "Golden Gabby" sounds too self-aggrandizing. Even if it will be other people calling her that, endorsing it is a bit much. But hey - if it helps her to stay on the beam (should she ever compete again), I'm all for it.

    But I should probably be more forgiving of these interviews - Gabby's and her mother's heads still must be swimming. All sorts of questions - from the banal to the overly-intrusive - are being fired at them left and right. It would be difficult under these circumstances to give the most nuanced answers to every question.

    Ms. Hawkins gave a great answer re: her financial issues. Her apparent strong-mindedness will be a stabilizing presence for Gabby in these coming months/years, I hope.

    1. Gabby certainly has a lot of people in her life who care for her greatly. Two loving families to stand by her side. If she can build her confidence back up from the people who have already knocked her down, she should be okay.

  6. Gabby's mom is on 'long-term disability' per the Des Moines Register. So I'm guessing mama will want to cash in on her golden goose.

  7. lol i like how gabby says photographers

  8. does jenna bush have a speech impediment or learning disability or is she just ridiculously awkward and bad at her job?

  9. I think Nastia does a better job interviewing than Jenna Bush Hager. Jenna comes off very awkward and staged.

    1. Jenna's just as bad at public speaking as her dad and grandpa were, and they were elected President. Go figure. I'm sure she 'earned' her spot on her talent alone. Not.