Sunday, August 26, 2012

This and That

Stephane Lambiel put on a skating clinic at All That Skate. It was simply amazing and utterly ridiculous. After his health issues earlier this summer, it was thought he might not even be able to perform. While he popped a few triples into doubles, the actual skating on the ice was simply brilliant. Every program he does as a professional is different and he really gets into the choreography and steps. It is clear that Yu-Na has been watching and appreciating him when you see her All of Me  program and note that he is the only skater to be invited back for every single All That Skate production. Deservedly, the crowd goes absolutely apeshit for his performances.

Yu-Na's El Tango de Roxanne from another performance. Notice how very huge her Lutz still is. After a few more months of training, the girl should be back. Her fire for the sport appears to have returned.

It looks like McKayla Maroney my be guest starring on How I Met Your Mother. I'd definitely tune in. It is one of those shows I'm always meaning to watch given all of our love for Neil Patrick Harris. This would be event television. It has the potential to be slightly better than Nastia on Gossip Girl.

A USA Today article on Jordyn Wieber's plans. It looks like she is thinking about 2013 Worlds, but we will see how she holds up after tour. Everything changes once the girls are able to relax and breathe for a moment on tour. The media is already openly discussing her changing body. Previous tours showed Carly and Shawn experiencing changing bodies by the day on tour.

Brezina is happy with his move to Hackensack.

Tuktamysheva apparently has a minor ligament issue that will set her back two weeks.

First Look: Oprah's Balance Beam Routine

Oprah and Gayle drop by Chow's to visit Gabby. Watch Oprah on the beam tonight at 8:30/7:30c!

Jeremy Abbott has a 007-type short and a long to Bring Him Home. Kurt Browning turned down the opportunity to choreograph for him because he no longer does competitive programs. As usual, Jeremy says he isn't worried about Johnny or Evan. I predict they will motivate him to give a great skate at Nationals, take one of the two spots on the world team, think he can win later in the season, and then bomb Four Continents at Worlds. The USFSA needs to bring in Martha to do the right thing and yank whoever bombs Four Continents.  Adam Rippon is working on a quad salchow we know he'll never rotate. Ross Miner landed his first one at champs camp. Evan Lysacek did show up at Champs Camp.

Troy Dumais defended his National 3M title by 44+ points.

Justin and Dwight Dumais won the 3M Synchro title.

Lovely Haley Dunne finished second at the Moran Memorial with this effort.


  1. Uh, Evan definitely participated in Team Building (rhythmic gymnastics)and was on the "winning" team...photographic evidence on Twitter. I would love to snark about him, but your information is simply incorrect.

  2. That clip of Gabrielle and Oprah doing a scale together on beam is hilarious!

  3. A picture of Yuna and the gang after the show:

  4. The young(er) Kim in the tango program back in '07 was great, and the more mature and expressive Kim in this '12 version is simply gorgeous.

  5. Yuna does a massive, delayed triple Lutz in a show.

    I didn't see one like that laid out by any girl for the entire last competitive season.

    Enough said.

  6. well just watched the Oprah show!!!! I want to gag!!!!

  7. Hayley Dunne skated to Rach's Symphonic Dance #1, love it!

  8. @6:32, I feel the same. Was there anyone in her life that DIDN'T victimize Gabby? /rolleyes

  9. I'd love to hear something from the original host family. Must not have worked out too well if she only lasted 4 months!

  10. Loved Hayley's music but it was over her head. I kept thinking that if Carolina keeps competing someone should send her that cut.

  11. It is so beautiful all the heart Lambiel puts into his skating - he really leaves it all out there on the ice. Spectators must really feel like they're getting their money's worth!

    Hope Yu Na enjoys competing this year more than she did in the post-Olympic year - she's wonderful when she's "on".

  12. I wonder why Kurt no longer create competitive programs. I'm sure having to follow this and that rules stunts your creative side.

  13. It's amazing what a creative skater can do when not bound by the rules of competition. Retirement has been great for Stephane, who no longer has the pressures of each coming season to worry about. He's a natural performer who is geniunely passionate about figure skating (and I think also dance and music), and it shows.

  14. Christ, Maroney is gorgeous.

    1. Maroney is gorgeous but she sure is proud of those new breasts of hers. She seems to be showing them off every chance she gets lately.

  15. Yuna's Lutz looks huge and solid indeed. What an expressive and captivating skating too!

    Stephane is such an artist on the ice. One of the best male professional skaters.

  16. The official performance clip of Yuna's Tango number from the third day of the show, edited by her agency.