Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marley & Brubaker announce end of partnership

2012 U.S. silver medalists and world team members Mary Beth Marley and Rockne Brubaker have announced the end of their partnership.

Shocking? Or just another day in U.S. pairs skating?

This is the second time Brubaker has been left high and dry. After the 2010 season, Keanu McLaughlin announced her retirement. Marley stated she is taking time away from competitive skating while Brubaker is actively searching for a partner. The reason for Marley's absence is unknown at this time.

Any ideas for Marley's replacement?

Is it a mistake that Yankowskas already chose a partner?


  1. Um, what? Keauna McLaughlin split with Rockne after the Olympics, at least. They just simply didn't skate well enough at Nationals that year to make the team. Heck at this point, Rockne might want to give her a call and see if she still skates. Yankowskas is way too tall, she's probably only about 4 inches shorter than Rockne.

    This is horrible timing for Mary Beth to be quitting and leaving Rockne flat right before Grand Prix season. Something must be up. Either that, or Rockne can't stand her any longer. Considering Mary Beth isn't looking for a new partner, something must be up on her end.

  2. The timing + the nonexplanation = sketch, sketch, sketch.

  3. Wow...the U.S. pairs just aren't meant to be. Plus the benefits of skating isn't the same anymore.

  4. UGH! I love Rockne. Poor guy, he just can't get a break. I wasn't crazy about him skating with a 15/16 year old, but as long as I got to see him skate I dealt with it. Something is DEF up...

  5. Love all the people I've seen blaming Mary Beth. Definitely can't be Rockne's fault that his two teenage partners have ditched him flat in crucial years.

  6. I always wondered if Rockne tried something sexual with these women. He is horny, the girls are young virgins. Perhaps it was too much for them?

  7. Yanakoskas is way too tall and not in her peak physical form right now. It's pretty well known that the age difference between Brubaker and Marley caused problems and they just didn't get along well. Marley is over skating and was truly not happy with the partnership. Neither is at fault. Elite skating isn't for everyone. Rumor has it Amanda Evora has been contacted and IMO would be a good fit.

  8. Michelle Kwan for the win. Like the other anon poster I can confirm there is a Evora/Brubaker tryout this week. Mark and Amanda grew apart after the Olympics due to numerous reasons and I would put money on that being the new partnership. He only has about 12 days to register domestically and she is his best bet. They don't even need to hit the sbs because the pool in the US is weak especially in that department and 2 is wide, wide open. Yanakowskas and Reagan are dead on arrival, but I do think C/S and Z/B look promising. Ladwig/Davis, AlexA/cHIRS, Haven and brandon, Toth/Baga are a bit too new and Vise/Baldwin are just too old to not have broken through yet. Donlan and Speroff just are never gonna get those sbs jumps although they are lovely. I predict John/Caydee, Castenelli/Shapnir, and Brubaker/Evora as the medalists this year. If Evora/Brubaker don't come through I see Zhang/Bartholemy as the sleeper medalists, honestly. Donlan/Speroff aren't going to make it past pewter, IMO.

    1. Never mind the sbs, D/S can't even do a BoDs (required in the short this year).