Friday, August 31, 2012

Hot Mess of the Week

It's a bit like listening to Great Uncle Henry at the dinner table ramble on..and on...and on.


  1. so many of the comments on this guy's speech are totally disrespectful to old people, he did fine for his age, give him a break and give him some respect

  2. They should've grabbed a hook to yank him off stage. Embarrassing.

  3. Clint was disrespectful of the POTUS.

  4. Anon @2:11, you gotta be kidding me. Disrespectful of POTUS? What are you, a 16 year-old with typical starry-eyed worship of personalities whom you presume to be perfect and above reproach? Because Eastwood pretty much did an unscripted skit onstage mocking your esteemed Leader, he is disrespectful? We live in a republic based upon democratic principles, not cultish, hero-worship centralized government with an almighty Leader immune from criticism. Do you want to live in present day Russia where criticising/lampooning Putin can get you thrown in jail on bullshit charges of disrespecting leaders? Go ask members of Pussy Riot who are rotting in jail right now for committing such offense. Continue to question those in leadership positions, read up on history, have a little life experience outside of classroom debates, talk to people of differing opinions/ persuations, and be tolerant of dessenting views. In other words, be an intelligent self- thinker and I promise you won't embarrass yourself by making such an asinine, blanket statement.

    I'm independent not Dem or Rep, just sick of cult of personality and politics of attacks that pass as political debate in this country by both sides. Just because I disagree with a person politically, doesn't mean I don't think that person to be beneath my contempt nor do I have the urge to automatically demonize or debase them fof their own beliefs. My family came from Communist Russia and China, the stories my older relatives tell of living under Statist control was enough to open my mind to the importance of free will and self-determination. That and working as direct healthcare provider here in U.S. and briefly abroad, contributed to formation of my own views; never relied on likes of Oprah to tell me how to think.

    1. He was disrespectful of the POTUS.

      A white man telling a black man to sit down and shut up is disrespectful any way you cut it.

      Quit freaking out. We're not turning into a totalitarian dictatorship by demanding some respect for a president who has rarely received any.

    2. but a black man is ok to tell a white man to shut up?