Thursday, August 23, 2012

This and That - Uschi style

Champs Camp is this week in Colorado Springs and all we care about is that the KWEEN was in the house!

Maia and Alex Shibutani pictured with the legend.

US Figure Skating also tweeted that Adam Rippon has hit the gym this summer looking buff for a scrawny boy. Should the On-Ice Mr. Donald Draper be looking broad in the shoulders? I was thinking he would've needed to increase his whiskey shots...and grow some chest hair.

Both Mirai and Ashley tweeted PR messages about being happy where they are this season after completing their short programs at Champs Camp. Yada yada and all that bucket of roses...just send us some videos so we can see for ourselves!

Apparently Evan is in da house, but no one really cares enough to photograph him. I'm sure he is queening out, especially since Johnny is there too.

In other news, Gabby Douglas just wants an ice cream cone.

Link to Gabby's makeover photo shoot.

Sasha Cohen talks finance on CNN.

Info on JGP France this week.

And for our daily McKayla intake, here is a new pic from twitter:

A bucket load of "Date Me Maroney" videos are surfacing YouTube. She has at least twenty-five 14-year-old boys to pick from! She can now enjoy a lifetime of 8th grade dances! I would love to see her do the Cha-cha slide!

Jeremy Abbott tweeted his new programs this season:

Short: "Spy" 
Long: Bring Him Home 

He had both programs specially arranged by undisclosed composers. Dude got's some serious cash to lay out to those fierce music bitches! I guess we know where his Asian touring money has gone.


  1. "Apparently Evan is in da house"


  2. FYI, Aly is going to be on that Joan Rivers fashion show thing tomorrow. Should be interesting, heh. Gabby and Jordyn got to throw out first pitches....and Mckayla just possibly one-upped them all so far by getting to meet Neil Patrick Harris.

    1. Aly got to meet Adam Scott on a red carpet. I'm jealous, lol.

  3. Does anyone know for sure if Evan IS there or not? Someone asked on Aunt Joyce's Formspring: "heard that Evan did not attend Champs Camp due to injury, did you hear anything, he attended in 2009 with boot on foot from stress fracture". And it looks strange that @usfigureskating isn't mentioning Evan in their tweets at all while talking about many other skaters including Johnny. The only evidence that Evan might have been there is Johnny's Tuesday tweet about "skating with the boys tomorrow” in which Evan was listed among the others.