Wednesday, August 1, 2012

London 2012 Men's AA: Live Blog by @CattyComments!

Kittens, it's me, Catty Comments. It's that time! London men's AA finals - will Uchimura have a PH dismount? Will Yin get a floor warning by FIG? Will John Orozco hit? Stay tuned!

I'm still recovering from the AbFab5 victory yesterday - snaps ladies! Dahlink, you rocked the bedazzled ribs leotard like Afan couldn't.

The first event has already finished, and spoiler alert - Uchimura managed a PH dismount! Per usual, he's brought his best to AA finals.

Orozco & Leyva both hit floor for 15.466 & 15.3662347 respectively. Orozco had another major PH error for another 12 on PH - this one a 12.566. Uchimura rocked rings and stuck his tucked double-double dismount for what will be a huge score.

Belyavsky struggled on his spindles but hit pommel like I'd like to hit his pommel. A girl can dream, and especially with Belyavsky and his official Russian torso squiggles. I'm now ignoring the South Korean gymnast with a nice jersey to watch Belyavsky's coach massage his arm muscles. Oh, to be a men's coach. Catty has a new goal in life. Catty like.

Leyva on PH - hit the opening nice, now rocking the spindles and his Russian sequence. Struggle up to the handstand on the dismount - another major deduction, but hopefully he will score above 13. His routine might need some rhythmic clapping like HB. I'm sure the gaynation will help out. 13.500.

Kuksenkov (Ukies) on PH - has a couple of leg separations on his traveling circles, but hits cleanly and nicely. Someday I'll understand why so many other nations have mastered PH, and Team USA keeps struggling mightily on this event. Can we unearth Mogilny and have him start training again and become 'merican?

Thomas (GB) on PH - Smith's lines and PH circles have rubbed off well on Kristian. GB has nice pommels - why can't USA have nice pommels? And Kristian? 14.566 - nice hit routine.

Speaking of pommels, why can't we have Sam Mikulak in AA? He competed 5 of 6 events in Qualifications, and USA held out a top AAer to have Dalton compete on rings before TFs. It's rings, not rocket surgery. They're not going to differ that much amongst all other Gymnova rings.

Standings after 2 events:
1Ukraine VERNIAIEV Oleg31.099+
2Japan TANAKA Kazuhito30.733+
3Republic of Korea KIM Soo Myun30.641+
4Japan UCHIMURA Kohei30.399+
5Australia JEFFERIS Joshua30.333+
6Spain GOMEZ FUERTES Javier30.266+
7Great Britain THOMAS Kristian30.132+
=8Spain GONZALEZ Fabian30.099+
=8Belgium VERBAEYS Jimmy30.099+
10Italy POZZO Enrico29.999+
11France TOMMASONE Cyril29.758+
12Poland KULESZA Roman29.500+
13Russian Federation BELYAVSKIY David29.332+
14Ukraine KUKSENKOV Mykola29.233+
15Italy OTTAVI Paolo29.100+
16Russian Federation GARIBOV Emin29.099+
17Great Britain PURVIS Daniel29.066+
18Germany NGUYEN Marcel29.032+
19United States of America LEYVA Danell28.866+
20Switzerland CAPELLI Claudio28.732+
21Brazil SASAKI JUNIOR Sergio28.599+
=22Germany HAMBUCHEN Fabian28.466+
=22Israel SHATILOV Alexander28.466+
24United States of America OROZCO John27.999

I'm sorry the standings may be pinker than the arena. My bad.

Uchimura nails his Amanar, er, Yurchenko 2.5 for a 16.266. Can we just call it a Maroney already? After that vault we may be forced to call it an Uchimura.

Marcel Nguyen (GER) on vault - nice vault (15.DEVIL, aka 15.666), and now Shannon's talking depth perception between red carpet & pink podium cover. You call it depth perception issue, I'm calling it a lot of other unmentionable things.

Leyva (USA) rings - hits, but I am still traumatized by PH. I grew up in a world of Mogilny and Bagiu and now? Louis Smith is considered a PH master when he can't point his feet. Gah. Leyva goes 14.733.

New request - if I'm going to have men's gymnastics finals constantly interrupted by commercials featuring Ryan Lochte, can he please wear a skimpier suit? Then I would support these commercials, as long as they keep making the men wear leotards jerseys while competing.

Thomas (GBR) rings - some shakes, but made it through all right. The GBR team is looking much better trained & peaked here than USA. And how glad is Uchimura that China's all, no Guo, don't compete AA. Rest while we dominate EFs? Really glad.

Orozco (USA) rings - finally looking strong, really hitting his straddle planche & sticking the fun, unusual tucked double back 1.5 with a funky front landing. John, you seem down. Do some karaoke before vault - you know Rent always cheers you up! And a 15.200!

Tanaka (JPN) pb - gorgeous lines, clean tucked double back, nice single rail pike press handstand, small hop on the double pike dismount, but gorgeous work.

While I'm pondering Team USA decisions, why did Orozco (under 2 years from Achillies rupture) vault instead of Mikulak, just the guy who qualified to vault EFs and was sitting out AA? Anyone? I know he has an ankle issue, but obvi it was fine for Qualis, and the 3 events left were upper body events?

Standings after 3 rotations:
1Japan UCHIMURA Kohei46.665+
2Japan TANAKA Kazuhito46.233+
3Ukraine VERNIAIEV Oleg46.132+
4Republic of Korea KIM Soo Myun45.607+
5Great Britain PURVIS Daniel45.066+
6Spain GOMEZ FUERTES Javier44.999+
7Great Britain THOMAS Kristian44.765+
8France TOMMASONE Cyril44.758+
9Brazil SASAKI JUNIOR Sergio44.699+
10Germany NGUYEN Marcel44.698+
11Spain GONZALEZ Fabian44.499+
12Australia JEFFERIS Joshua44.466+
13Ukraine KUKSENKOV Mykola44.433+
14Italy POZZO Enrico44.432+
15Russian Federation BELYAVSKIY David44.165+
16Russian Federation GARIBOV Emin43.932+
=17United States of America LEYVA Danell43.599+
=17Israel SHATILOV Alexander43.599+
19Switzerland CAPELLI Claudio43.582+
20Poland KULESZA Roman43.433+
21Germany HAMBUCHEN Fabian43.266+
22Belgium VERBAEYS Jimmy43.265+
23United States of America OROZCO John43.199+
24Italy OTTAVI Paolo43.133

The top 2, from Japan, are in the 2nd group, not the top 6 group from qualifying. Peak too early much, vaulters?

And thank you commenter below - I had no idea Mikulak vaulted in TFs! The individual event feeds have not worked for me until this morning. Still sad Orozco instead of Horton was vaulting in TFs.

Shhh - Belyavsky (RUS) is vaulting. Insane piked Tsuk double back. GORGEOUS! Big step back but clean & gorgeous.

Leyva (USA) vault - sticks his Kas double! Lovely Danell! Your towel will be more thrilled than my gays.

Verniaiev (UKR) hb - easy Tak 1/2, nice el-grip work, high Tkachev, Rybalko, el-grip Endo, more endos in under grip. Layout double-double dismount, which Shannon calls "safe." Bokay, flung-out double layout lady. But seriously, will take her over Elfster any day.

Thomas (GBR) vault - NOOOOOO - sits (hand, not butt) down Tsuk double pike. NOOOOO handsome Brit Kristian with the fabulous (in my dreams) accent.

Orozco (USA) vault - handspring front double full. Had the landing (one step, very upright) he wishes he had yesterday and goes 15.9.

Hambuchen (GER) vault - Amanar to gorgeous, gorgeous butt. I light a candle for your seated vault, Fab-buchen.

Tanaka (JPN) hb - rocking a gorgeous routine, one pause, gorgeous Kohlman, stuck layout double double.

Sasaki Junior (BRA) pb - nice double back, huge Tippelt (I think), clean press, stuck double pike dismount. He's a definite hope for Rio 2016.

Purvis (GBR) pb - right away off on a Diamadov (?) - noooooo! Big Red is off! Finishes up cleanly, but sadly that will take him out of the AA.

My apologies - I'll brush up on my men's skill (wink wink nudge nudge) names for EFs. I have PB dyslexia. Someone send me Phillip Boy to help me study.

The Kohei (JPN) pb - money. This man is money. Just exhibiting perfection - the obvious deduction was a low double pike dismount with .3 hop forward.

Standings after 4 events:
1Japan UCHIMURA Kohei61.990+
2Japan TANAKA Kazuhito61.808+
3Germany NGUYEN Marcel60.531+
4Ukraine VERNIAIEV Oleg60.432+
5Russian Federation BELYAVSKIY David60.365+
6Ukraine KUKSENKOV Mykola59.966+
7Brazil SASAKI JUNIOR Sergio59.899+
8Great Britain THOMAS Kristian59.673+
9Spain GONZALEZ Fabian59.665+
10Russian Federation GARIBOV Emin59.298+
11United States of America LEYVA Danell59.165+
12Italy POZZO Enrico59.132+
13United States of America OROZCO John59.099+
14France TOMMASONE Cyril58.824+
15Great Britain PURVIS Daniel58.666+
16Australia JEFFERIS Joshua58.532+
17Switzerland CAPELLI Claudio58.082+
18Germany HAMBUCHEN Fabian58.032+
19Israel SHATILOV Alexander57.999+
20Republic of Korea KIM Soo Myun57.873+
21Spain GOMEZ FUERTES Javier57.732+
22Poland KULESZA Roman57.299+
23Belgium VERBAEYS Jimmy57.198+
24Italy OTTAVI Paolo55.599

Uchimura the man is on top, where he likes to be even if that's not where he should be. Thanks early commenter!

Nguyen (GER) hb rocks the routine, and the British announcer awkwardly pronounces him "New-Yen!" It's "gWen", white dude... 15.200.

Leyva appears to have hit pb, and the towel is happy. 15.833 and everyone is happy.

Tanaka (JPN) fx - Running f double full, barani. Tucked Thomas (?). Ro back 1.5, rudi. Gorgeous pike press hs. Ro 2.5, front full - appears to have sat down. Low triple full (hop) to finish. 14.166

Kuksenkov (UKR) pb - clean routine - bends his legs too early in giants, but a nice front toss and amazing double front dismount.

Tough moment for the crowd - Purvis on hb, Thomas on pb - both GBR. Both are still suffering hangovers from their 4th rotation falls. How does GBR get their men to look soooooo earnest?

Uchimura the Man (JPN) hb - el-grip circles - huge layout Tkachev - GIANT Cassina - Rybalko - nice Tak - hop full, Rybalko, layout double-double - absolutely stuck! Superman! Er, Superbottom! Whatevs. Gorge. Clean fx and that gold medal is his.

Orozco the dejected just finished on pb - looks like he went clean, one step back on the double pike dismount. He goes 15.2ish - good comeback! Look happier John!

Fabuchen (GER) pb - nice, attacked pb routine, hop forward on the double pike dismount.

Belyavsky (RUS) pb - gorgeous pb work, lovely front tosses, just clean & high & stretched. Nice stutz. FRONT DOUBLE PIKE DISMOUNT - holy hell that's hard. Small hop forward.

Going into the last event, the standings are:
1Japan UCHIMURA Kohei77.590+
2Japan TANAKA Kazuhito75.974+
3Germany NGUYEN Marcel75.731+
4Russian Federation BELYAVSKIY David75.531+
5Ukraine KUKSENKOV Mykola75.366+
6United States of America LEYVA Danell74.998+
7Ukraine VERNIAIEV Oleg74.965+
8Brazil SASAKI JUNIOR Sergio74.732+
9Great Britain THOMAS Kristian74.406+
10United States of America OROZCO John74.365+
11Spain GONZALEZ Fabian74.265+
12Russian Federation GARIBOV Emin73.531+
13Germany HAMBUCHEN Fabian73.432+
14Great Britain PURVIS Daniel73.166+
15Italy POZZO Enrico73.032+
16Switzerland CAPELLI Claudio72.948+
17Israel SHATILOV Alexander72.832+
18France TOMMASONE Cyril72.324+
19Australia JEFFERIS Joshua72.065+
20Spain GOMEZ FUERTES Javier71.998+
21Republic of Korea KIM Soo Myun71.573+
22Belgium VERBAEYS Jimmy71.231+
23Poland KULESZA Roman70.299+
24Italy OTTAVI Paolo69.632

Amazing that Orozco & Leyva, despite early ph issues, have worked their way back into the top 10. Taking their cue from Uchimura's woes the first 2 days of competition, the greatest gymnasts have the shortest memories.

Kuksenkov (UKR) hb - nice layout Tkachev, Tak, I think a Kohlman @ beginning, and gives up with an easy-peasy full-twist double layout.

Tanaka (JPN) ph - this is the test. I doubt he'll end up on the medal stand finishing ph, but weirder things have happened. Nice opening scissors to hs, easy single pommel circles, and he's off. Too bad. Buh bye. And yes, Shannon, it WILL drop him out of the medals.

Kristian Thomas (GBR) hb - pirouette to Tak, Tkachev-1/2, and sticks the easy-peasy full-twisting double layout. Orozco chalks up for redemption.

Orozco (USA)  hb - layout Tkachev, Liukin (full-twisting layout Tkachev), Rybalko, rough double layout full. He's off, but good for him to finish up with clean routines after the PH disaster.

Fabuchen (GER) hb - gorgeous Kohlman, and off on a full-twisting layout Jaeger- gah! Wow. Sad.

SUPCHIMURA (JPN) fx - 3.5 to barani. Hands down on 2nd pass! Running front full, front double full. Can't believe the hands down - he must be furious with himself. Gorgeous tucked Thomas. Even hopped the signature dismount triple full that he ALWAYS sticks. Kohei has made this interesting.

But SUPCHIMURA and the cash of the Japanese federation goes far - 15.1! Kohei Untouchable!

Leyva (USA) hb - let's see if he can hit. Nice Liukin. Gorgeous layout Kovacs. Nice layout Tkachev, perfect hop change - one step on the lay double double. He's clapping for himself. A creepy USA flag shirt man is waving a flag in the stands. Yin is reacting - act surprised!

Leyva into 2nd - probably bronze for him. Huge 15.7! Let's see what Nguyen scores.

Yep - Uchimura, Nguyen (the new Boy) and Leyva. Congrats to all! Sad for Kuksenkov - another 4th place for the fabulous Ukies.

Give it up for SUPCHIMURA! Give that man a cape. Amazing job for Nguyen - the side-fades are working for him & Smith so far this week. And Danell and his towel win a bronze. Congratulations to all!

Your final standings are:

1Japan UCHIMURA Kohei92.690+
2Germany NGUYEN Marcel91.031+
3United States of America LEYVA Danell90.698+
4Ukraine KUKSENKOV Mykola90.432+
5Russian Federation BELYAVSKIY David90.297+
6Japan TANAKA Kazuhito89.407+
7Great Britain THOMAS Kristian89.406+
8United States of America OROZCO John89.331+
9Spain GONZALEZ Fabian88.998+
10Brazil SASAKI JUNIOR Sergio88.965+
11Ukraine VERNIAIEV Oleg88.931+
12Israel SHATILOV Alexander88.432+
13Great Britain PURVIS Daniel88.332+
14Russian Federation GARIBOV Emin88.006+
15Germany HAMBUCHEN Fabian87.765+
16France TOMMASONE Cyril87.657+
17Switzerland CAPELLI Claudio87.314+
18Italy POZZO Enrico87.032+
19Australia JEFFERIS Joshua86.865+
20Republic of Korea KIM Soo Myun85.773+
21Belgium VERBAEYS Jimmy85.231+
22Italy OTTAVI Paolo84.648+
23Spain GOMEZ FUERTES Javier84.431+
24Poland KULESZA Roman84.165


  1. Orozco is a headcase it seems. Besides prelims he just doesn't seem to have it. I think he was crying already. Come on, keep your head up, there are 4 events to go still!

    1. Recovered amazingly... last to 8th.

  2. Fav moment so far was Shewfelt saying Uchimura doesn't like being on the bottom. He's better on top.

    1. Kyle would know.

    2. And apparently "some like it really really hard"

    3. Kyle would know that too.

  3. Why can't anyone do pommel horse in the US?

    1. I think it's the same reason why the US is weak on bars- not a lot of coaches can coach it well, gymnasts don't develop the right body types.

  4. Sasha Artemev was amazing. He's the male Nastia on PH

    1. Maybe the Nastia of 2012 who hit 4 for 9?

  5. Awesome vault by Kohei!!!!

  6. This is why Sam should've done AA in prelims. You just have to know he's thinking that right now. Especially watching the our gaytinas are flopping right now.

    1. Dude John came back from last to 8th place. That's pretty impressive. Sam is good but so is John. He deserves to be there.

  7. Uchimora was better than Maroney lol

  8. Wasn't Paul Hamm not bad at the PH???

  9. @CattyComments: When you mentioned Orozco vaulting do you mean in Team Finals? He, Mikulak, and Dalton vaulted in Team Finals.

  10. My bad - I didn't know Mikulak vaulted in TFs! Thank you! --Catty

  11. Wait, are the "twists" also considered Yurchenkos in MAG?

  12. Alex - the pre-flight in vaulting (everything you do before the table) is the name of the vault. A Yurchenko is a roundoff onto the board, backhandspring onto the table. Uchimura did a Yurchenko (that preflight) with 2.5 twists off.

  13. So is a 2.5 an Amanar even in MAG?

  14. I think Kohei's 2.5 twist got the same score as McKayla's in team finals, LoL. McKayla's was way more explosive and cleanly executed though!! :)

  15. Nope - the Amanar is named something different in men's. But no one can remember, okay, like 10 people can remember what that name is. --Catty

    1. That's it! Thank you one of the ten for reading this! --Catty

  16. Well, it's all over--and Orozco must be kicking
    himself. If he hadn't messed up so badly on PH,
    he would have been in the medal hunt.
    Uchimura wins going away, Nguyen is
    the Boy surrogate for Germany, and Levya snags
    a consolation prize for the US men. In karmic
    balance, the Brits fall short.

  17. Thanks so much for the commentary, Catty! :)

  18. Yeah, part of the problem his butt is too big IMO