Monday, August 6, 2012

This and That

Tom Daley's Dive Guides. Daley dives for gold on Friday.

Barbara Fusar-Poli has been helping out Igor Shpilband in Novi in the absence of Marina Klimova. Igor is hoping Klimova will return, yet her family is based in San Francisco. It is all very Russian, as they are all rumored to have open marriages to a degree. The teams do need a stable coaching team, but they are certainly getting expert help.

Chock and Bates were the high scorers at the recent Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships (ahead of fan favorites Lynn and Logan.)

Arthur Zanetti's winning routine.

Interview with Ksenia Afanasyeva about confidence and errors in team finals.

Plushenko: the goal of any athlete is to be Olympic Champion.

Moore-Towers and Moscovitz won the Indy Pairs Challenge by 25 points over Castelli and Shnapir.

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