Sunday, August 12, 2012

RSG Appreciation

Rhythmic Gymnastics is quite popular in Eastern Europe (far more popular than artistic gymnastics.) Anna Bessonova regularly performs exhibitions, while Aline Kabaeva puts on elaborate shows in Mother Russia that are rumored to be funded by Putin. This is what becomes of the women who can bend themselves in a way pornstars can only dream of.


The great Elena Vitrichenko

Alina Maksymenko- 'Marry The Night'

Still the best...

Anna Bessonova on Dance For You  (if only DWTS was ever remotely this good)


  1. Thanks for all the rhythmic clips! Question: do experts and those in the know still generally refer to it as RSG, even though it's "officially" now just rhythmic gymnastics?

  2. I don't follow this sport - have the Chinese made any inroads, and if so, have they brought in any traditional Beijing Opera style into it?

    As beautiful as the whole classical ballerina aesthetic is, it might be nice to see some other flavors.

    Seems to me traditional chinese acrobatics and percussive music could fit well into the use of ribbon, hoop, ball.

  3. why cant the artistic gymnast do spins like these girls? even komova the most artisric of them still look clumsy compared to these... are spins really that difficult?

    1. from what i remember it's hard to spin barefoot on carpet. the rg girls' half shoes help a lot. i noticed that like figure skaters, they don't seem to spot (unless they're doing fouettes or something). the artistic girls don't spot either. there's so much friction from the carpet they have to turn hard, so things get out of control fast and you get fugly scrunch arms and what have you.

  4. i am glad/relieved that even though miss zetlin had a lousy meet she did not finish dead last.

  5. I like this sport now more than AG
    I used to enjoy AG but not any ore