Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Salute to RSG Goddesses

I always loved how Elena Vitrichenko's mother (who was also her coach) was on the judging panel at the International 3 on 3. Being a token screwed-by-Irina-Viner Ukrainian, she deserved a few extra tenths in life.

Irina Viner: the HBIC

Putin's paramour is a terrifying (and flexible) perky diva. It is unclear whether we ought to enjoy, appreciate or simply downright fear her.

The Best.

The Current Queen

Lovley Irina Tchachina

Anna Kotchneva never pretended to be perky.

Famous coach (and athlete) Irina Deryugina

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  1. Valeri was a genius for marrying Anna. Fab videos, thanks for posting. If only Americans weren't so heavy and inflexible, this sport would be HUGE. Alas, we only like sports that feign inclusiveness.