Friday, August 31, 2012

All Kinds of Awesome at the JGP

Earlier this summer, Joshua Farris earned our eternal love by tweeting he was pissed not to be awarded a Senior Grand Prix event after his success last season. Someone quickly got him to take it down, but a love affair was born. Farris showed them why he deserved an entry over one of our other hot messes (whom the USFSA continually invests in) by landing a clean Quad Toe in the free skate. He has a few Jill Trenary landings to clean up that should keep him from peaking too early.  More expression is also needed overall. The technique is simply stunning. It makes us pray that it is technique PChiddy will have left behind.

Lovely Russian Pairs skating.

Kosigina and Moroshkin's take on the Junior Short Dance.  Where is the hip hop?!

Her future in singles may be in serious doubt, but Kiri Baga is lovely nonetheless.

Will beautiful knee bend, joy and one hell of a flutz, Satoko Miyahara looks like she may follow in the footsteps of Mao Asada and Kanako Murakami.

Not so awesome...Courtney Hicks being ganglier than Sarah Hughes with every inch she grows.


  1. How can the USFSA push Dornbush over Ferris? This is what a potential a world champion looks like! Reminds me a little of Brian Boitano.

    1. It's funny you say Boitano - for years when he was at the lower levels he used to look exactly like Paul Wylie!

    2. It makes me sad to say this, but from watching FS a long time, I think in most countries (not just the US) there is a deep prejudice in the FS establishment against 'girly'-seeming male skaters and an agenda to promote 'masculinity'.

      I don't think its as much blatant homophobia as it is the idea that if, well, a male skater is not heterosexual he should at least be 'manly' (but if the skater IS heterosexual: even better).

      So I think Dornbush represents an image the USFS wants to promote and Ferris does not (actual skating ability seems to be beside the point). It frankly makes me worried for Ferris.

      (BTW what the sexual preference of either of these guys are I have no idea. Even if Ferris is straight or bi, he still projects 'girly'.)

  2. Farris is wonderful. Kiri Baga is beautiful... Will she be the next Alisa Czisny, I could see it.

  3. Farris needs to not get 16th at Nationals... That's why he didn't get a Sr GP. He's great, but he's 17 and still has to prove that he can skate at a Sr competition without melting.