Monday, August 6, 2012

This and That

Dominique Dawes interviews Olga Korbut. Ms. Korbut just tweeted that Dawes is recently engaged...squashing doubts that emerged after her haircut and demeanor in Sydney.

Start List for Event Finals Day 3   (Iordache is replacing Bulimar.)

Maroney settles for silver.

Usain Bolt's appeal to sponsors.

A legend closed out his career today.

Ryan Lochte on winning for Team USA

Great Feature on Grandma and Grandpa

Interview with Komova (Translation from her Facebook fan page):

Viktoria Komova, winner of the two silver Olympic medals in Artistic gymnastics, talked to our journalist about judging, team spirit and how hard it is to wait for a final score.

Q: Viktoria, at these Olympics you twice lost the fight for gold to the Americans. Which defeat was the most painful for you – the team competition or the individual all-around?

A: Individual. Because I was on my own there. After the team completion we all supported each other. Ksyusha (Ksenia Afanasyeva), the team captain, said: “We are on the podium! This is so awesome! Last time we didn’t get any medals, and now we’ve got silver!” I was so happy for the team. Especially for Mashka (Maria Paseka): she wanted this medal so badly, went through such a lot for it.

Q: Through what?

A: She had troubles with her heels – dislocations, fracture; several surgeries. These were quite serious injuries, but she is amazing, she endured it all.

Q: Are you forgetting about all your injuries and pains when you go onto the podium?

A: No. For example, my finger hurts all the time. It’s good if I manage to get up in the morning  feeling all right.

Q: What were you thinking while waiting for the last score – the floor score?

A: "Please, let me be the first!" This is the hardest part – to wait for a score. You’re standing and thinking: “Oh my God, when will they show it already?”


  1. Those draws for BB and FX are just terrible. AFan is not going home with a gold medal. It will take a meltdown by several people for that to happen. Same for Sui Lu. She is going to have to kick the shit out of her routine. UGH.

  2. Sui Lu is the best beam worker. Difficulty and grace- Iordache just doesn't have the finesse yet and Cata is great to watch but again lacks grace. Not to take away from Cata or Larisa, but Sui Lu's form and grace really make her stand out. Now if Larisa has had enough of a rest to bring her 6.8 routine that will be interesting as it's the highest. Cata has 6.5 BUT can bring 6.7. Sui Lu has 6.6 I think. What a fight that will be. I really feel sorry for Diana Bulimar, who is great but has too many stars on her team edging her out. A little like Kyla Ross, but more presence. It doesn't make sense to sub her unless Larisa is going to show her former glory on beam. Let's hope.

    I don't see Komova getting onto the podium, but the beam is the great decider. I'd be quite happy to see her and Afan on it, but only if the ones above all fall (and what a splatfest euros beam EF was so anything can happen). Gabby is really good on beam when she's on and has the SV to contend, but she pales in comparison to the Romanians and Chinese. Deng's routine is fabulous too. I hope this comes off just as fairly as bars did today..please please please..

    I don't think the draw is going to make a huge difference. He got silver up first, they were prepared to give Vika a 16.266 and she was up second, but got an 0.5 deduction for hitting the bar.

    1. She got a 0.3 deduction for hitting the bar, IIRC, and that would have given her a 15.966, the same score she got in the AA.

    2. I'm almost certain Sui Lu will get screwed. She's not dominant enough to guarantee herself a medal going up first.

  3. Ryan Lotche is the reason for "sshhhhh, don't speak".

  4. Wasn't Olga Korbut looking pretty rough for many years after her years as a gymnast?

    Don't know what happened to turn things around for her but its really nice to see her looking good and fit for her age; the same vivacious spirit she had as a youngster still really shines through.

  5. Korbut seems all funny and heartwarming and that's cool, but when you pay attention to what she's saying it's essentially gym was way better back in the paleozoic era.

  6. Hey, AJ, have you seen this hilarious article?? USA Gymnastics Team as "Mean Girls":

    Hahaha, love the ones with the Russians!

  7. Dawes' 2000 hair struck me more as a hair-angst issue than a lez issue. Ask your favorite black diva athlete how it can be - they likely can give you a fuller understanding of Dawes' Sydney hair. Call Serena and talk.

    Stella Umeh looked fabulous at UCLA with minimalist hair. So did 2000 Onnie Willis.

    I wonder if Dawes' fiancee is that "Andy" guy from The Bachelor. They were linked awhile ago.

  8. I totally called that. AFan choke and Sui Lu going home with the silver. I fucking hated this Olympics. The only thing I enjoyed was seeing the US win the TF so decisively and Mustafina's medals. She is so important for Russian gymnastics. Without a doubt the most impressive series of performances for someone coming back from knee reconstruction. So happy for her and for Russia.