Friday, August 10, 2012

Must Read Interview With Alexandrov

Excellent Translation

- Would you  say that she had been the most difficult student in your career?
- No, I had too difficult a time with Bilozerchev ( He is blaming himself here). I had to work with Boginskaya - another one who was a real treat (sarcastically). Do you think Komova is easy? For some reason there is a stereotype that Mustafina is the villain while Grishina is supposedly the perfect child. Absolutely not! And Komova works very hard, but all of them can get sulky. They also understand how nothing is given (you must work for everything)! And Aliya came to over me after the bronze medal in the all-around, and says: “Do you know what journalists said? Valentina Rodionenko said that I had no chance to win anything here, except on the bars” . What could I say to say to that? The interview was given before the Olympics. Why? I wish/should have gone and apologized on her (Rodionenko’s) behalf…. 


  1. Alexandrov vs Geddert in a fist fight. Who wins?

    1. alexandrov, are you serious? geddert would look down to tweet about it and it would be over.

    2. LOLOL god everything coming out of this blog today is pure gold

    3. Geddert's pen is mightier (and pettier and more juvenile) than his sword. That's why he has to hide behind it. He could never say of his crap to people's faces, let alone defend himself physically.

  2. Loving the shade he's throwing.