Friday, August 3, 2012

This and That

Nastia congratulates Gabby.

Carolina Kostner is out of the Grand Prix series. It is unclear whether or not she is going to compete this season. It is not clear whether she will be ready for competition, but it could be possible that she may take a season off like Lambiel. If she isn't in gear at this point, it would be a smart idea.

Fantastic article about the transformation of Gabby Douglas with amazing quotes from Martha Karolyi.

Bela Karolyi explains the success of U.S. gymnastics.

Johnny Weir is serious about his comeback and is landing Triple Axel+Triple Toe combinations. He is in striking distance of a Quad Toe+Triple Toe. I dropped off my skates at the Ice House and saw Michal Brezina doing effortless jumps on his session with spring that is incomprehensible in person. I ran into Weir's costume designer at the Tri-State Olympics Opening Ceremonies party to try to ask just how many feathers would be on Johnny Weir's Phoenix costume, but she had not yet met with Johnny or seen a sketch and was bracing herself for the typical shock and awe of a Johnny meeting. Johnny is choreographing his programs himself with Galina, which could be a good idea after his successful choreography outings thus far. Let's be honest, his style is distinct enough that a choreographer will not matter much. Nikolai Morozov is overseeing his steps and acting as an adviser (and likely politician.) He will head to Champs Camp and hopefully the Finlandia Trophy. Be Good Johnny Weir returns next month.

Johnny tells us he is a 'warrior,' which it should be noted was a well-known quote by Paula Abdul on the must-see series Hey Paula.

Links from Skate Detroit:
Baga and Toth FS
Kiri Baga SP,
Becky Bereswill  FS
Lauren Dinh FS
Gracie Gold SP, FS
Nina Jiang SPFS
Hannah Miller SP, FS
Moore-Towers and Moscovitch FS


  1. I like that the article about Gabby called Shawn Johnson the Olympic gold medalist. HAH. NOT.

  2. She won a Gold Medal on Beam. Hah. Yes.

  3. Is Nastia wearing gold lame shorts? Oh, honey, NO.

  4. I'm guessing all you need are two words to tell you why Kostner has dropped out of competing the upcoming season:

    Yu Na

    IF Yu Na decides not to compete in '13-14 (or can't get back to form) I'd say it may inspire Kostner to make an effort to come back. She benefitted this past season by being in a very weak field, and before that was being shamefully propped up by the judges for years.

    Am really rooting for Johnny's come-back, although hope he can come up with better programs than he had for the '10 Olympics.

  5. If Kostner wants to take care of her health before Sochi, this fall would be a good time. We saw what happens when an older skater like Czisney pushes too hard. Even Yuna Kim is skipping the GP series, slowly restarting her career.

    Take a good rest, Carolina!