Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Olympic Moment

God. Bless.


  1. how he doesn't have his own reality show I don't know.

  2. effing hilarious. Love the expression on the left-hand judge's face--didn't notice that in the original broadcast.

  3. ETA my best shot at transcribing the end of Bela's comments:

    Bela: That's an American judge. Look at her face, look at her expression. Look at that--that amazing, amazing--

    Interviewer: OK, well, what about the faces on the other judges?

    Bela: Look at that sour face over there from the end. My god, you know, look at that one. She's, she's, she's contemplating something but I've never seen, she can't get excited. This is not a judge, this is a spectator, I mean, a vicious spectator. That's nothing, nothing the one I would even, even consider putting out on the floor as an Olympic judge.

    Bahahaha, it is TOO easy to egg him on...

  4. i rarely agree 100% with Bela, but this time I have no choice!