Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This and That

Gracie Gold's second-place long from the final round at Skate Detroit. It is best that she is not peaking now. It is certainly the USFSA's hope that she will be having quite a long season this year. Her components still have major room for growth, but the girl can jump.

Beth Tweddle's bars from team finals.

Jeff Buttle is flawless.

Troy Dumais: the early years

Olympics Past

Jeremy Abbott

What do you make of the Mao Asada program from The Ice? Cute and charming or just No?!


Mmmmm Jeff Buttle


Sotnikova the show skater


The Shibs

Takahashi and Tran



  1. A judge's jaw drops after Maroney's vault :P

  2. Haha Merril? C'mon don't do that.

  3. what is gracie even trying to do at 3:11? shades of Adelina's Bolero-fail.

  4. Tran deserves Japanese citizenship just for being incredibly adorable.

  5. God I love Jeremy Abbott - hope he doesn't end up with Canadians Browning and Buttle as one of the best male figure skaters to never win an Olympic medal.

    So watching that Gracie Gold program was depressing because it made me think of how great Abbott's Life is Beautiful program was but how he usually messed it up in competition - sigh. Somebody should tell Gracie the movie who's music she's skating to is set in a Nazi concentration camp and as such, a bright pink costume really isn't appropriate.

    I come down on kind of loving Mao's Mary Poppins program, it's a nice change of pace to see her being a goofball and she looks so happy.

    Sotnikova should have been a gymnast, she has a great ability and instinct for making beautiful positions but her ability to hear the music just isn't there.

    It's really weird how young Narumi Takahashi looks - it makes any hint of romance in her routines seem a little creepy even though in truth she is in her 20's (I believe).

  6. I was prepared to hate Mao's Mary Poppins, but actually it was really cute! And yes, great to see her looking happy for a change.