Thursday, September 23, 2010

This and That

Shawn Johnson appears to be adapting to her new body. While it is doubtful that she will do the double double again, she is training double layouts and a double layout full out. Both look suitable for her new frame.

A new exhibition from Alex Johnson was posted on youtube.

Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov won the short program at the Nebelhorn Trophy. Donlan and Speroff are in fouth and Zhang and Toth are in sixth. Both suffered falls during the short program.

It was a rough day all around for Team USA at Nebelhorn. While the Americans have captured several golds in the past few years, it looks quite possible that Team USA could leave empty handed.

Cappellini and Lanotte lead after the short dance. Riazanova and Tkachenko are second. Pechalat and Bourzat are third. The Shibutanis currently sit in eighth. These results certainly show significant shifting in the world of ice dance.

Tatsuki Machida leads the men. Kevin Van Der Perren is second. Armin Mahbanoozadeh is eighth and Michal Brezina is ninth. Jason Wong is eleventh.

Skating Circle posted an interview with Johnny Weir.

An Auburn training video was posted on Gymnastike.

Mother Russia captured team gold at Rhythmic Worlds.

Evgenia Kanaeva won the ball final:

Oklahoma posted new training videos of their blonde beamers

Megan Ferguson's skill set:

Kayla Nowak's skill set:


  1. You know, even though Shawn's style of gymnastics isn't exactly what I'd call pleasing, I DID get a little bit giddy just now. There's something oh so wonderfully familiar about watching her wipe off her forehead with her forearm. Now, she just needs to get herself a bitchface.

  2. If Shawn loses 10 pounds, she will almost instantly be world class. Or at least a sure team selection for the USA. She really doesn't need more skills. Very impressed how quick she is in doing FTDLOs to a reasonable state (yes into a pit and yes a spot, but a mat in the pit, slight spot, and over-rotated. and damn fast.

    I guess the thing impressing me is her musculature. If she can move the current body around, she will have no issues after tapering in shape.

  3. Thanks for the Nebelhorn updates.
    What on earth happened to Brezina ?!?!?

  4. I know this is crazy talk, but when I see full-out, I start to wonder...DTDLO?

  5. I'm not saying Shawn J can't throw a DTDLO but we're more likely to see one from Kytra H.

  6. Brezina tried to change too many thins about his short proram. Radically altered choreo and add 2 quads and his mind could't handle it.

  7. I never cared for Shawn's gymnastics, but I LOVE comebacks. As she gets back into shape and tones her body, she will be fine. A very talented kid.

  8. Shawn already looks much more in shape than she did a year or so ago. You can tell she's been working hard. She also sounds more articulate and less rehearsed. She's growing up! Aw.

  9. Yeah...DTDLO is crazy talk for any femme. Practically any man (sans Hamms and Legendre). Still full-outs are what they tell you to work on when you are learning double doubles (since you already have a fullin).

    When I saw that FTDLO and Aunt's note, I just kinda wondered. If you want to get prissy, you could say it is halfin-halfout. But it's definitely a lot later twist than most fullins, even the halfinhalfout looking fullins.

  10. Love Cappellini and Lanotte. If ice dance is "shifting," maybe I'll get to see more of them on TV instead of just a compulsory dance.

  11. I can't take that other gymnast at Chow's seriously. Not with those split leaps. Of course, Shawn's weren't much better... and she was an Olympian... soooooo... yeah.

    I'm surprised to see her doing a dlo. I would love to see it from the side and see if she's fixed her bad blocking technique. She really had an excellently rotated/twisted 2/2, but it never went up so much as out.

    I think it's a bit pointless to be seriously convinced anyone's going to be on the Olympic team at this point because we all know camp will break them. Maybe Shawn can weather it...

  12. I was wondering what happened to Brezina. He should be first or in the top 3 against these guys.